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BBC Breakfast autoimmune research

This may be of general interest a few articles

1. BBC Breakfast clip on autoimmune disease and pregnancy

2. A couple of articles on hospital ratings.

3. Tiinnitus treatment:

and number 4.

Mary F

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If a lot of us sent an email to the BBC web site they might do something on Hughes as it works In an opposite way they then do an article on Hughes I will later no harm in trying. Karen xx


Good on you, and I have sent several things to them x


You always find the articles Mary :) well done!

Yes I have sent this in an email to my MP....that my next step after the local paper is it needs to go in the big papers & TV.......I'm hoping I get listened to :)

If we all bug them all enough ......WE WILL GET LISTENED TO!!!!!! :)



exactly. I am in cyber space quite a bit so will continue to find stuff of interest! x


and added one more on there!


Had to go to the Rhumatologist today, had an appointment .He says Hughes syndrome and Rheumatoid arthritus are two different conditions, Well i think we all know that, but I just thought that it was interesting that pregnancy affects Hughes syndrome as does Rhumatoid arhritus but oposite (sorry spelling) perhaps it will give him something to think about.

Just waiting for a burst of energy so i can ask for some posters and leaflets for Hair dressers etc

Karen xx


Wow mary you really have been a busy beaver!!! it must be all that Purple dye its making your brain work 100 x Faster lol


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