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salivary gland biopsy on lip

Has anyone had one of these? I did have an unsuccesful biopsy last year which was supposedly done via scan machine, but yesterday had a biopsy where the doctor took a salivary gland from lip. Wow it hurts today, my chin is a lovely colour with pouty bottom lip. Feels numb. I was diagnosed at St T with sjgroens many years ago but the local consultant wanted me to have a recent one. I had to take one less tablet of warfarin to get it down to 2-3 ( my normal range is 3-4.5) however took clexane to make sure. Anyway it would be lovely to hear from anyone who has had this done.

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That sounds a bit grim. I had mine diagnosed years back somewhere in St Thomas' - the only procedure I had done, was a wire threaded down inside with camera, I don't know quite what they were looking for, all I know is that I stilll have sjogrens now! Mary F x


Can't wait for the swelling to go down and the massive bruise I have, been trying to disguise it.


Yes I have had this done here is France was sore for a few days but soon went! it is to see if your salivery glands are working....ie..if you have dry mouth....it is a normal sjogren's test....if you do have the dry mouth normally this is Sjogren's. I believe it is the most accurate test for Sjogren's. Have to say I did not bruise though!!!!!



I have had one of these and yes it does hurt and mine is still troublesome (sorry). Mine showed some signs but not conclusively, however my schirmer test on my eyes was. I hope yours does not cause you too much trouble. Regardss



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