optic neuropathy,no affarent

Hya all,ive seen neurology at guys hospital,and they are having me for three days for tests/scans etc. When i received a copy of my GP letter confirming my consultation it says Optic neuropathy is apparent, ''no afarent'' Has anybody any idea what this means? Ive had pale optic discs seen in the past and the consultant at Guys saw it too.

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  • Hi there, it sounds as if they were testing you for this! ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

    Mary F x

  • Mary you're like a walking Oracle!

  • That's the politest thing I have ever heard.. I have rather a wide range of names! Mary F xxx

  • Its way over my head but i assume now noaffarent is a good thing!! Thanks as always MaryF XX

  • ah thanks.. well my partner in crime is of course APsnotFab who also operates a Ms Marple in chief role! Mary F x

  • She certainly is - whatever would we do!!

  • Thanks. Mary F x

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