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Burning Sensations and Shooting Pain?

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Has anyone had sharp shooting intermitted pain in their fingers? Also I've had burning sensations on my skin and I find the spot on my leg and nothing is there and then the burning goes away.

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Hi Jean,

Yes I have painful shooting pains mainly in my hands & fingers but sometimes other places like hips, arms, knees, ankles, shin bone area.....I'm asuming it's all down to Hughes.

I also have the burning sensation....my arms often feel like they are on fire? I have been asking about this with my docs & been left hanging at the mo'....but I was wondering if it's a lupus or Fibro' symptom rather than Hughes? still getting to the bottom of that one myself.

Annoying symptoms arn't they?!!

Yes - mine are like spots of burning on my legs and shooting fire pain on my fingers, I haven't been diagnosed with lupus but APS. I'll have to run this by with my Rheumy. I see him in a couple of weeks.

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Suzypawz in reply to jean48

All the best, I hope you get the answers you are looking for, I have only been diagnosed with APS at mo too.....

Hi Jean...

I get burning pain in my lower spine then numbness. I get awful stabbing type pains in my legs..mainly my calf. I am not sure....but I feel it is APS/Hughes, the aspects that mimics MS. I had the MS workup and that was negative.

Hope you get the answers you need!!

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jean48 in reply to pumpkincake

Yeah I was falsely diagnosed with MS too. It's so important for me to find an answer and I'm not sure what good that would do.

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pumpkincake in reply to jean48

Are you on anticoagulation or aspirin???

Hi I also get burning skin sensation and intense shootings pains, both get worse as I get into a 'flare' - I have APS and Sjogrens so drs like to always blame the other disease for the unexplainable. They did finally help me though with the burning sensation as suggested since it is autoimmune response take some anti-histamine as if allergic response. It seems to work to an extent, that plus major pain killers!

The leg pains is where my APS issues started and 14 years ago Dr Hughes said it was not related to APS but then a few years ago admitted that so many of us have them it is impossible to say they aren't related to the disease and almost certainly are - the part that mimics MS.... wait another decade and they'll have even more clarity for us all, thanks to the information we share with them :-)

You know I'm wondering if I have Sjogrens also. I've been having problems with my eyelids being so dry, red, and inflammed. I use nothing on them except water. Have you had this problem. My eyes sting right now.


Me too. I can get the awful schooting pains anywhere and I also get the burning (which is nerve pain) mostly in my legs.

I know Prof. Khamashta has been researching the other implications of APS and is beginning to conclude that It causes other symptoms and problems and not only blood clotting. Trouble is can't remember where I read this, If I do I'll post it.

Like you Jean I get the terrible dryness in my eyes, nose and throat. I also have this ghastly tinnitus aagh!

Gosh I'm glad to know that I am not alone. I wish someone could tell me why this is happening. I fear if I tell someone they may think I/m crazy or I might be pushed into an another MRI of the brain.


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