Joint Pain and bursitis

Hello everyone, has anyone suffer from severe joint pain and also have bursitis? I have always has tons of tendonitis for as long as i can remember and after being diagnosed with aps i have a bursitis that makes it hard for me to walk and the pain is huge. My rheum says I had bad luck... But I don't know. Doesn't. Seem coincidence to me... Does anyone have that too?

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  • Yes I have roaming joint and muscle pain and bursitis. Make it very hard to sleep. In agony today as I seem to have aggravated the bursitis.

  • Hi there, have you been tested or had your history taken in case of Lupus? or perhaps you already have this, I hope it calms down for you. Mary F x

  • Hi,

    I get roaming pain which when I was younger was put down to bursitis. It turns out I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, another condition that has Lupus/MS like symptoms

  • Yes i have all the above and recent bloods showed abnormally low vitamin d levels and my bones crack all the time.I'm at st thomas in June and I'm going to talk to the consultant about it.

  • I have had bursitis and roaming joint pain found the best help was with the osteopath for the bursitis helped the pain and helped to improve it. I get days where pain just floats round my body the main areas I get pain is hands and feet. Hope things improve soon

  • hi brazil- you can get A.V.N. and osteoarthritis from aps as well as other causes naturally . i am going to surgery for the avn in about a month. i also have muscle pains and spasms ,i snap crackle and pop when i walk ???????????????jet

  • Hi there, I have suffered bursitus in my hip a few times, agony! - I do suffer joint pains too, I have APS.

    Smiles to you on a Monday morning :)


  • Ditto. Ditto, Ditto to all of the above. I think I have Lupus but yet to be diagnosed.


  • Again, ditto to all of the above, mega joint and muscle pain.

  • Hi...I have all these symptoms, recently diagnosed with lupus and hughes....the joint pain takes my breath away at times, it is always there simmering away but when it flairs i am frightened to move......I would get checked for lupus


  • One big pain that's me.

    Like Jet I get muscle spasms as well and stabbing pains just about anywhere.

    I am definately worse when I am tired.

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