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I know I have mentioned this before in passing

However with it being the holidays. I wanted to bring up a couple of petitions which need vital support.

Some of us may have thyroid issues or know other who do. There is a current drive to bring about choice...some people do better on natural desiccated thyroid. So this government petition hopes to bring about some funded research. Please think of signing it and passing it on to others.

The other one I am supporting has been attached to a paper written by the original Staffordshire Whistleblower: Who lost her medical career doing the right things for the patients... however won her case for dismissal against the GMC at the high court. This doctor is still fighting for modern change.

I have had some truly great care over my nearly 47 years, however I have also been on the receiving end of some diabolical attitudes.

Currently formal complaints leave patients often with no care, and medical staff who blow the whistle, with no career.

This paper makes things fairer for both the patient and medical staff. If we can stop care being lost, and careers going down the pan, and keep dignity intact for both sides... the money and time saved would be a winner all round. Please if you can take the trouble do sign and pass it on. Thanks.. I shall now get off my soap box. Mary F.

both petitions will send you an email back, with live link to click on to make your signature live.

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Hi Mary

Just to let you know I have signed both petitions as both are very close to my heart.

Dr Myhill who was very good to me before I was diagnosed with APS and Sjogrens was suspended by the GMC because her opinions often contradicted conventional medical attitudes. Fortunately, the case was dropped and she was reinstated. There was a huge outcry by hundreds of her patients. I emailed the GMC but they didn't even have the courtesy to acknowledge my email.

As a sufferer from an underactive thyroid, I have been very lucky in having both liothyronine and Eltroxin. Again this was due to Sarah Myhill. My doctors would never have prescribed it had it not been for her. She also understood that my thyroid hormone levels need to be at the upper end of normal for me to function.

GPs do not understand how to interpet thyroid tests properly nor how to prescribe for it. They usually prescribe according to the test without taking into account lingering symptoms. Even the little guides you can buy in any pharmacy say that a patient should never have his/her dosage adjusted on the basis of the test alone. In my experience most doctors always want to adjust downwards because for some misguided reason they think every little adjustment upwards is going to result in a heart attack! They don't realise that too little is probably more dangerous!

The only person who EVER tested my reflexes was Professor Hughes and this should always be done as it gives a more accurate understanding of how much hormone is being utilised in the tissues. Anyway, rant over!!!

A wonderful American thyroid doctor, Dr John Lowe, who sadly died unexpectedly last year was a great champion of T3 as well as natural thyroid. I personally didn't get on with natural thyroid and have to use the synthetics but I believe a lot of people like the natural. Dr Lowe believed that in most cases of underactivity T4 on its own is not enough but the fact that only T4 is prescribed is due to the pharmaceutical drive to promote T4 and I guess the cost factor of T3 which is more expensive (the branded version is extremely expensive) has to be an issue especially in the NHS.

I think Dr Lowe's wife, Tammy Lowe, is still selling Thyroid Gold which I think is the natural product Dr Lowe endorsed although I have no idea how good it is having never tried it.


Thanks. I know the work of those you mention and have read many books they have written. Mary F


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