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Anyone get earache at night?

For as long as I can remember if I lie on my right side at night I wake up with excrutiating earache, but never on the other side. I mentioned this when I had a BP monitor fitted and the nurse said she suffered this too but doctor didn't know what caused it except maybe teeth grinding. I wear a mouth guard so it's not that for me. Anyone else had this?

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This may sound like a daft suggestion, but do you fold your ear flap down in sleep? This could cause ear pain. I find I cant wear hats or ear plugs or headphones for the same reason. - just a thought!


Hi Caroline

Do wake up with earache quite often, good thought APsnot Fab, might try a hat!

I do have eczema in my ears so that may be the cause too. Had trouble with my ears for years and doc only decided on eczema diagnosis last year!

I hope you find some relief hon.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Did you have different treatment under the eczema diagnosis? Are things better? Thanks!


Hi Thomas

Not really had anything that helps, steroid spray offered relief for a while, but back to square one! I have balance issues, temporary deafness and severe pain at times! Do you struggle with similar? Anything that helps ???? Sorry to answer a question with a question! At the end of my tether with it! May be something flaring. :-(

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


I haven't found anything that works, aparts from creams to soothe locally. I was hoping you had. :)

Thank you!


No I don't get ear aches, but . . . .

in the months leading up to my strokes I was puzzled that I often had the (then) unprecedented experience of waking up with the surface back of my head (just above the neck) "asleep" i.e., all pins and needles.

This "asleep head" feeling is now a good indicator of when my INR has dropped to below 2.0 My hematologist thinks I"m daft, but this works for me. But even when my INR is in range I have become obsessive about the type and arrangement of pillows: 2, with one of them a feather pillow please.

So, don't know if you ear aches are caused by similar problems, but I thought I'd throw this out in case a change of pillow arrangement could be helpful.


What if you are allergic to feathers? .........


I am. Very annoying....


So glad I'm not allergic to feathers. But I wonder how those new thermarest pillows would work for me?


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