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Feel so dippy at times!!

Feel so dippy at times!!

Yet again my brain isn't working as it should :(

I was ever so chuffed when I found my sister something from an ebay shop :) a lovely cat & mouse pewter brooch! :) I wrote a card too for her & put it all together & put a stamp on it.........gave it my son to post.....& then I remembered later on that night.....I hadn't wrote her name & address on it!!!

It wouldn't have bothered me so much but as some of you know we lost our other sister in January last year & I was sending this her to make her she & my other sis' were big cat lovers & I was the rodent lover!!

I'm sooo angry with myself for being so dippy :(

I've spent over an hour trying to sort it this morning out but there's nothing I can'll get sent to Belvast where they'll rip it open then dispose of it!! :(

Oh well I'll have to look for something else for her & try again :/

I've been doing stuff like this a lot again took me over 1/2 hour 2 nights ago trying to find my warfarin....I found them in the bin in the end!!!!!!

Forgetting what I've gone in a shop for, upstairs for, where are my glasses....oh on my head! you know the type of thing!

Well bye for now...hope you are all ok....from your scatty brained pall! Sue :) xx

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morning princess- sorry to hear that you are still having bad memory problems-i know all to well ,just what your going thru. just dont let it beat you , chuckle ,shake you pretty head an say ill try not to that again - it works laughter is good and [hugs]. dont let it get you all tensed up- that ccould make it worse. i know you have the sence of humor- i know well keep score and see who does the most [things] in a week - but no head startes ??what do you think ??--------------------------------------- from-my memory isnt old faithful- now what is my name?????? g wwwwwwizzzzzz


hay buddy - did you get to the girls nite ?? i was just thinking about that. im sitting here takeing my morning breakfast of pills, gotta get ready for dc appt. the one for my feet. i dont know much of this dc, this will be my 2 nd visit, see how he handles this one this time??. ---------------------- jet


Thanks :) yep we had girly night with Sheena, it was lovely seeing her as we havnt seen her since I think Xmas time, she's so lovely :) we had lots of coffee & chats.

Good luck with your appointment jet!! :)


Well, I spend most days going around in circles trying to remember what I have gone upstairs for... and you can add hippy to dippy in my case as i answered the door to the postman yesterday, actually clutching a lighted incense stick. His face was an absolute picture! M x


Lol!!!! was you clensing the house of bad spirits?!! :)

I love those insense sticks myself....I'll go & light one now I reckon.....'nag champa's' my favourite smell!!

Sue x


snap,those are the only ones I use. all others smell like old bath cubes... no bad spirits, just celebrating junk removal associated with my darling husband x


Junk removal?!! oh dear?!

Mine gets worried when I go on ebay to sell stuff,.....he locks his room in fear of me selling his guitars etc!!!!!

Well we need some money!!! & I'm planning of coming down to the London meeting in May to see whoever can make it to our Hughes meeting!! :)

I'm coming with Sheena :)



Yep I will be there xx


And...I understand about instruments, two piano's, 3 electric piano's, full size drum kit, double base, three electric guitars, three acoustic guitars, african drums, violin, several banjos, banjo mandolines, mandolines, 9 ukeleles, various wind instruments, 6 accoridans, and other smaller things which are similar, melodicas... aaaaaaaagh! and that does not include the trails of recording equipment which I trip over and giant speakers which appear all over the house!



oh dear!!!

Luckily most of the amps/speakers etc are at the singers son has a large keyboard & drums set up in his bedroom too......but I dont mind that!

Look forward to meeting you in London then! xx


I had a nice surprise to balance out the annoying one........

I dont know for sure when I put them there....but when I just looked behind a pic' on a cupboard just I found a large bag of peanut m&m's!! so yum yum.......I'm making myself feel better.......until I realise how many I've eaten & get worried about my weight !!! xx


Hi Suzy

I have to write things down all the time and use a dictaphone recorder for the really urgent stuff workwise.

I dont eat nuts much anymore but do have a secret stash of chocolate rasins, yum yum,,, now where did I put them... LOl

Keep smiling



lol.....I know I put what I managed to leave! back where I found the moment I know where they are!! :)

Hope you well :)


even though my brain isn't as fuzzy as usual, my words getting mixed up again. Was speaking to my consultant on the telephone and I said I am waiting for a 'shunt' in abdominal artery, he said what do you mean - I realised that it was stent and we both laughed. My words gets so mixed up and I write everything down especially with hospital appts. but when they see that note in my hand I am sure they're thinking what long list now!!!


I know what you mean....I take a list in docs with me most of the time as I always forget everything once there :( You just know they're looking thinking....oh long is it going to take!! x


Hi there, yes - I went in yesterday and there was my list in hand, and I did not say in the end what all was - the person before me was an hour and then I went in for 20 mins and did not finish all of my list, mind you she was good and injected my arm which took some time, but then I thought is she really listening to what I am saying - like my mother who suffered from APS, and Lupus she got to the stage where she did not bother saying anything because the young docs would not really listen, unfortunately it got the better of her and she is no longer with us, but this has had some impact on me now and I do make sure I have a copy of all letters etc that is connected with my health and that of my daughter's, for approx 4 years, I kept on saying I was having really bad pains in tummy and it is only now that I had a CT done and awaiting for the result and then whatever. I would like the procedure done in London as they have done quite a few but here they say I am a complicated case, but feel that the consultant (one of them) has felt intimidated about it and says it can be done here, but the radiologist did not even want to carry out a procedure in fear of bleed, so waiting for the result. Was told that I was going on ward for 24 hours and not to take Warfarin and yet London says carry on - it just keeps confusing me!!!!!! Wish I could pay privately and get it sorted once and for all. Never mind we'll get there.


Sorry to hear about your mum hun xx

Yep I wish I too could go private, I often think would the answers I get be different if I was or not have docs contradicting each other so you end up not knowing whats for real!!

Hope your results for tummy will be ok, I too have a lot of pains in mine, have done for about 15 years.....still not sure what it is!!

Hope you are ok today x


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