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Macrobid for UTI? Safe?

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Hello friends ♡

I am away from home, visiting with my mom and I developed cystitis symptoms. I just went to the local urgent care. They prescribed Macrobid 100mg twice a day for 7 days. I am post menopausal with genitourinary atrophy.

I have APS and UCTD. I am taking Eliquis (prescribed by the Mayo Clinic for me instead aof warafin due to my particular circumstances) hydroxychloroquine, and 81 mg aspirin.

I searched online for any contraindications or interactions, and found none. I am reaching out to you all, the expert patients, to see if you have any advice while taking this antibiotic. I am always a little more concerned about triggering a flare or a new autoimmune disease than the average person, but it my caution has served me well.

Also how do I prevent a yeast infection?

****Update : I have an appointment with a Urogynecologist on the 18th. My Godmother who is a retired RN said that UTI symptoms do not come and go like mine are and thinks this may be interstitial cystitis and told me to hold of on taking the Macrobid.

Thank you in advance!


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Hi, hope you feel better soon. I hadn't heard of this antibiotic, like you have done some research - on MED doc you can put your drugs in and it dies the search for contradictions for you. Nothing came up for the drugs you've mentioned.

You could also speak to a pharmacist, BNF for medication is the book that the Doctors use, of they used to

Hope you feel

Better soon, drink plenty

I take aspirin and Eluquis but have no experience with that antibiotic. It’s a strong one isn’t it!

Obviously I’m no doctor but as a lay person I suggest Lactobacillus Acidophilus capsules immediately after the course of antibiotics to rebalance the natural healthy gut bacteria. Just tell the health shop assistant you have had a course of strong antibiotics; I’m sure they will guide you.

I also recommend limiting sugar and drinking lots of water. Because yeast feeds on sugar. Therefore limiting your sugar consumption will starve it or not allow it to take hold.

I was prone to thrush at one time, so always wear sensible cotton underwear and wash using un- perfumed products.

If u do have a problem ask ur GP for some canestan cream straight away, it is unlikely it will go on its own or a Diflucan tablet, which works systemically (on your system from the inside).

Assuming u r ok with all those things - as I said I’m no doctor and I don’t have your history.

I hope that helps 💋 x

Thank you so much!! ♡♡♡

Macrobid actually is made expressly for bladder infections, and it is more gentle than other antibiotics, with less side effects. Cipro is a really strong antibiotic, for example, and it can have really serious side effects.

Thank you!

Good luck! X

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I have a history of interstitial cystitis and also a chronic bladder infection, however both are behaving well currently, I take D Mannose as a preventative and more at any hint of an infection, all written up on my notes. MaryF

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Piscesdreamer in reply to MaryF

Thank you Mary! I will discuss D-mannose with the urogynecologist and rhuemetologist!

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MaryFAdministrator in reply to Piscesdreamer

They might not have heard of it, I also take a very strong probiotic: MaryF

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Piscesdreamer in reply to MaryF

Thank you, I just saved your article! Any probiotic you can recommend?

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MaryFAdministrator in reply to Piscesdreamer

Please do check with your main consultant and GP before you use them, I vary what I use depending what is on offer but always very strong ones, and I am not on Warfarin which does give ma lot of flexibility. MaryF

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I have both IC ( due to Sjögren’s) and also frequent UTI’s due to rituximab and immune deficiency of Immunoglobulin M.

I was prescribed Macrobid and yes, it is very effective against UTI for E. coli. But... it did shot my inr sky high.

It’s important to actually make sure it IS culturing a bacteria- then have it cultured to know exactly which antibiotic you will need.

Thank you, I am glad I asked them to culture my urine. I am also concerned I am developing Sjogren's, I did not know IC and Sjogren's were related!

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KellyInTexasAdministrator in reply to Piscesdreamer

Yes, Sjögren’s and IC are known to be linked. My rheumatologist explained the connection to me, and he calls it a “ very irritable bladder.”

I do find , for at least myself, I tend to more often than not, develop actual UTI’s when I feel all those familiar tell tale symptoms.

I have been one of those very lucky women all my life that have rarely had a UTI. I think I can count on one hand only up until about two years ago the infections I had. ( I’m now 52.)

I now have about 4 a year.

I make sure I only wear cotton under garments, etc... I also think being on rituximab has not helped at all.

Try to stay extra hydrated... and less caffeine. ( I really have to work very hard on both of these. I love coffee and Tea and have to really work hard to get water down....I’m terrible. Absolutely hopeless. I’m really working on it. )

I am doing better!

Thank you for your knowledge! I will follow your suggestions.

I am 54, and like you, I was fortunate to have only a few UTI before menopause.


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Raw57 in reply to KellyInTexas

I did not know this. I have IC, frequent UTIs with positive cultures but this has been going on since I was a child. I also have kidney stones. I had one recently but passed it by drinking liters and liters of water. I started Macrobid right after to help prevent an infection. It’s over the counter in Merida. I always keep a box with me when I travel.

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KellyInTexasAdministrator in reply to Raw57

So sorry you struggle with this also. I am lucky I suppose to have a good rheumatologist in SA who explained the link between the two .

I’m typing this to you, ironically, from my local emergency room , where my standing order for my INR is honored on weekends. ( lab draw only.)

I have a current UTI. I get strep/ staph strains. I’m on amoxicillin currently so getting daily inr’s .

My GP considered putting me in the hospital in San Antonio under the care of my hematologist this time to see about switching to heparin- and doing a battery of urology/ gynecologist scopes with a specialist there. Thankfully my INR came down- so staying the course for now.

Hi,I too get cistitis of the bladder but it's from inflammation not a infection. I also have sjogren's, but I also get Hypercalcemia from high calcium in my blood from hyperparathyroidism. Unfortunately for me it's a watch and wait since mine is hereditary. Make sure to have doctor and You look at metabolic blood levels for calcium levels, even if it's beginning high you can get symptoms! Which one of the symptoms is bladder cistitis for me. I know now my blood calcium is going up and need to get blood work done. I get cistitis of bladder now 3 to 4 times a year now. It is very common for women over 50 or post menopausal to have high blood calcium. I don't know why it's so common? Hope you feel better soon, Suzy

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Piscesdreamer in reply to wgsuzy

Thank you, I will make sure to ask for the blood work!

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KellyInTexasAdministrator in reply to wgsuzy

I did not know about this issue. Sorry you are dealing with this. Do you need to reduce calcium in your diet?

Yes, low calcium diet. Sad not being able to eat cheese anymore but it's a clean diet as they PUT fortified calcium in everything boxed or packaged. The symptoms are heinous so have to keep moving. Hope Texas weather is calm and the bluebonnets where Beautiful.

Cranberry juice and switch out sugared drinks for water.

I'm taking Macrobid for a bladder infection right now. My urogynecologist prescribes it with enough refills for me to just start taking it when I get the symptoms. I have not had any adverse effects with INR, etc.

Thank you

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