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Sorry one more question about the fragmin :)

Hi guys im so sorry with all these questions about fragmin :) but where from the belly button do you inject I've been going quite far down and I've been told it should be on either side of belly button not so far down. And also I had a liver function test which has come back raised has this happened to any one else and should I be worried.thank you so much in advance xx

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My other half had a raised LFT, the GP repeated it and it came back in the normal range. he did lay off the vino for the week before though!!!

As far as the fragmin inj go. It depends how much of a belly pod you have!! I have a nice bit of fat to grab hold of so if you lean forward and find that pod of fat that forms between the waist and the navel and then pinch that up anywhere in that area, usually along the midline of it, that would be about right. I hope thats as clear as mud :-D


I was shown to inject by avoiding the belly button area by about two inches either side. Stay above the line of the belly button and below the waist, using the tummy either side of the belly button. If you inject too close to the button, the flesh is fibrous and the drug will not be absorbed into the system. Pinch an inch of flesh and then stick pins into yourself!!! What a marvellous new hobby we have!!

I never thought I would have a need to send a message with so many belly buttons in it - the joy of APS and its humorous side!!

Larraine x


I'd have to agree with Angelpaws, not too close to belly button. I just go anywhere, avoiding the spot I picked earlier. Good luck!


Just asking, but why people are told to only use your belly? If injected properly what is the problem with using all upper limbs as well as belly. Same as insulin surely and you can inject upper arms, legs and belly with that. If you inject every day into your belly. It will get fibrous in time. Diabetics are told to rotate injection sites, any reason why we can't do the same?


You can use the top of your legs and arms (if someone will inject you as difficult to do your own arms).

As for the belly I agree with Tiger.

Hope this helps


Hi Moonbug

I had slightly raised LFT results, only the ALT and GammaGT, when I started on Fragmin after coming off Warfarin but the ALT returned to near normal not long after.

Best wishes.



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