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More coaguchek test strip news


After all the concerns about the test strips and the discrepancies I had with codes 309 and 311, I was understandably very anxious about going abroad when I couldn't be sure the test strips would give me an accurate result. Was there any point of doing a test because what if the result was high? Should I change my dosage? I decided to take reading on Thursday but leave the dosage the same. Reading was 4.5.

Then I did a reading on Sunday when we got back home 6.7. This is the highest reading since I started self checking about 8 years ago!

So I took my coaguchek to the surgery on Monday to compare test strip readings with their coaguchek. This was done immediately after each other.

Surgery coaguchek (code 263) 4.4

My coaguchek (code 311) 5.5

We then checked to make sure it wasn't my machine that was faulty by putting the surgery chip code in my coaguchek and used one of their test strips - 4.3

So it must be a test strip problem!

I have emailed these results to roche having contacted them last week about the problem. They have asked me further questions and are now sending my results for investigation.

So please be careful when using the test strips atm and get the results compared like I did to check for discrepancy. Venus testing will usually be different. Coaguchek to coaguchek should be virtually the same , not 1.1 difference!!!

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Thank you for telling us, many seem to be having problems at the moment, I hope it gets sorted quickly. MaryF

Hi... I have also been having problems.

Which machine are you having problems with?

I am currently using the XS machine and have had the same one for 13 years... so was thinking I am due an upgrade!

I was looking at the INRange model, but then saw the issue with discrepancies with INR readings on their website so was nervous about changing. Not sure if the issue is across both?!


janekins in reply to JMA_10


I use the XS too. I bought my current meter in 2015, replacing my old one. You've had yours a long time!

I think I read somewhere that someone was having a problem with the new meter too but I will try and find the post to confirm this.

I emailed Roche's technical support team about the problem and we have emailed back and forth with further questions and my answers. They have now sent all my information to be investigated.

I suggest you do the same


JMA_10 in reply to janekins

Thanks Jane. Will do.


Aloha....I went to the " Coumadin clinic" at the hospital, and learned they were "temporarily " not doing Coaguchek finger sticks. But have reverted to veinous draws. My results were in range, so I am not affected.


It seems my batch 317 is affected. I have the xs meter.

My local GP is a bit fed up with the time An APS patient takes from his practice. He told me he has other patients with systemic diseases and they can be seen once every 9 - 12 months! Although I have been making new DVT’s about every 12 weeks on average- I’m not sure how he thinks this is going to work out. I have yet to find the correct anti coagulation regiment that works for me. We are working with my Hematologist currently- but he’s in a city two hours away. We live in a rural area- Texas is spread wide. He replied... you can see my nurse ‘s assistant. ( 2 years of training.)

He’s put me in a very awkward position. I don’t feel I can go in and ask for the help I need. I don’t know how to do a double cross check on an alternative coaguchek machine.

( this happened recently after seeing a top London Hematologist. My GP actually recommended I go see, but I think her clinic letter scared him off. I’m ,” too risky.”)

I’m not sure how to gather any data I need.

I’ve been reclotting the past three days. I’m 4.8 by finger prick and 3.6 by vein. My target INR is 4.2. I clot very quickly below 3.8 by vein.

Lure2 in reply to KellyInTexas

Hi Kelly,

I would like to know what symptoms you get when you say you get a DVT every 12 weeks and reclotted again the last three days? I am sorry if I have asked this before but I have probably forgotten what you said. I know you have great problems with your machine.


Hi Kelly,

How do you feel that you are clotting?


KellyInTexasAdministrator in reply to Lure2


Very quickly- ( I have company in this weekend-staying at my house- my brother in law- he’s one of my GP’s so that’s a good thing) it’s more DVT’s- my arm is clotting again. I know how it feels- I’ve had now 5 new ones in 15 months- I don’t even need to get it scanned. The veins st inner wrist swell- arm throbbing- fingers go intermittently numb.

Also bowels are clotting- and other superficials that are not such a big deal.

Lure2 in reply to KellyInTexas

If you know how it feels why can you not take a Fragminshot?


KellyInTexasAdministrator in reply to Lure2

Because my INR is too high. It’s over 3.5. I clot if I dip below 3.8. I was at 3.66 by vein and the following day 3.8 by vein I believe.

I did add aspirin of course, which helps a lot.

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