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CoaguCheck xs testing strips


Hi to all. I do hope today is a good day!

Has anyone found a place 2 get coaguCheck xs testing strips at a affordable price?

If so please send me the online address or a link to the site. I can’t find any that are affordable.

Thank u so much for your time

Souls Rebel!

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Soul rebel I am coming off warfarin as per my post so I have a new set of test strips as I was getting them from my GP so private message me your address I will post them if you would like them. The only other place I know to get them is the official web site


I will check for you- Now that bad lots have cycled through it may be easier to come by them.

I get them on prescription from my GP so only have to pay the prescription charge. If you are in the UK you could ask at your Surgery.

Unfortunately they are expensive unless you are fortunate enough to get them on prescription which I don't. My CCG stopped prescribing 4 years ago. It was a big blow but they won't change their mind. At least by self testing I don't have to go to my local hospital (twice weekly testing at the moment) and pay the £3 parking fee.

I get mine from Roche direct as if you are on long-term warfarin you don't have to pay the VAT.

I get them from Roche the makers of Coaguchek. They are the cheapest I’ve seen. I would not like to trust eBay or amazon even as it’s such an important thing to buy unless it was a reputable company on there. A lot of prices when I have searched seem very high so always check how many strips the are offering for the money. Also keep in mind that you don’t have to pay vat at Roche but other companies may well not offer that service. And also make sure that the use-by date is reasonable for your usage.


They are all going to be about the same price you order anywhere else other than Alere .

I was using a guy named Scott, but he flaked out.

My INR is too high now. I would simply have your GP set up a standing order with a lab in your town. Then organize it so that you can get your INR as soon as it’s uploaded onto the portal. ( within the hour.)

Is it Tricore labs where you are?


I spoke with Victoria Schook with Roche directly. some months ago regarding the procurement of INR strips outside of Roche.

The new “ Acelis Connected Health” will not work for a APS patients needing to test often because they will only provide a strip once a week, but do not offer ,” unscheduled tests.” There are no exceptions since they follow Medicare guidelines.

Ms. Schook suggested I look into DME ( Durable Medical Equipment) provider List through my insurance company.

All insurance companies will have such a list.

I hope this helps you.

I haven’t had any luck because they don’t consider the strips DME, just the machine! There is always a catch lol

Thank u

Soul Rebel

KellyInTexasAdministrator in reply to SoulRebel-APS

Oh great.... well, that’s good to know. Did you talk to your an insurance company? So if I calked my insurance company they would likely tell me the same thing?

I guess the lady at Roche wasn’t that well informed on the strip coverage.

It also could be due to different insurance. I only have Medicare parts A & B. I need to find out how much part D for prescriptions costs. I don’t have the time now. My mom’s having some serious hypertension yesterday she got up to 202/98. She been higher then that plus they found a mas in her lung. So I been tryn to help her. I stayed n hospital for 3 days and 2 nights. A hospital is NOT where someone like me should be hanging out, to many germs and crappy immune system. So I been sick since the 5th. Hopefully getting better now. I just to manage to get some rest. It’s hard when my mom needs me. I wear a hospital 😷 because I don’t want her to get my sick. She got enough going on already!

I sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like I was complaint about my mom! I guess I just needed to put it out there u know sometimes just telling someone can help ur stress levels.

As always thank you Kelly I hope today is a good one.

Soul Rebel

Thank you everyone. I will try Roche see what they selling them for. Most appreciated! Hope today is good day. Soul Rebel

KellyInTexasAdministrator in reply to SoulRebel-APS

Roche will not sell directly to you- they will make you sign up through their monitoring service I just told you about - they then call your doctors office. “ Acelis Connected Health” and only Allow one test per week. No unscheduled tests.

My doctor allows my as many draws ( by vein) as needed- and he has a letter to the lab that asks them to call me with my value when they get result.

If once a week is enough- ok. But for me , that would not be enough.

I just wanted to thank u again & ask u to let me know when they have been shipped. Also plz let me know if u need me to cover the shipping costs at least.

Thank you so very much for your kindness!

Soul Rebel

I have gotten INR test strips from EBay. So far, they have been accurate with double test lab and meter. They are not cheap.

24 strips for $140. 48 strips for $265.

Maybe you can get them cheaper somewhere else?

Nancy in West Virginia


Thank you for the information. I have been considering EBay since the others are just to expensive. I hope u today is a good day! 🙂

Soul Rebel

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