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Coaguchex Xs test strips


Just wondering if anyone stores their test strips in the fridge, ? I never have but new pharmacy have written it on the label

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Never have in 12yrs. Best check with Roche before you do.

No I haven’t either and always been just right, will check next time I go in the pharmacy just wondering if being kept in the fridge at the pharmacy might have spoilt them, will phone Roche helpline on Monday, don’t need to use them yet. Thanks

I just keep mine in a closet/cabinet.

Coaguchek web site FAQ and various other docs state they _can_ be stored in the fridge (2-8C) OR stored at room temp. I don't put mine in the fridge but have on one occasion moved the case out of the sun when I realized it was probably heading towards 30C where it was, and the case is black too.

The inbuilt diagnostics in the strips / meter are supposed to detect if strips have gone bad due to storage temp issues. Also the machine itself won't function (gives error) if ambient temp is <15C as I found out earlier this year, not sure if there is a high ambient temp limit, haven't hit that one yet.


I wonder if this has been suggested due to the hot weather, I shall be interested to see what other people's pharmacists have to day about this. MaryF

I have never stored my test strips in the fridge and have self tested for years. I store them at the back of the wardrobe up on a shelf and have never had a problem. I used to get my prescriptions from Tesco's and they always held them in the fridge until I collected them. I now get my prescriptions from Sainsbury's and they do not store in the fridge. Probably best to keep them away from heat and sunlight but keeping out of the fridge doesn't seem to affect them


I’ve never been told to keep them in the fridge even during the long hot summer of 2018 and I’ve been self testing on the XS machine for 10 years or so. I get my strips direct from Roche for the last 5 years and they haven’t said anything. I have a strong feeling that the strips and/or the control solution for the machine before the XS had to be kept in the fridge as I think I remember having to tell the pharmacy to look in the fridge for my prescription when I went to pick them up. Sorry to be vague on this bit, but it was a long time ago and I have APS 😂😂

I will double check the info in my next batch of strips, but thank you for the warning.

Just remembered that I left some in a suitcase in the loft by mistake. Don’t know the temperature but they wouldn’t work so had to bin them. Very painful lesson as my local CCG won’t prescribe.

No never heard of that 🤷‍♀️

Just to let you know I have Phoned Roche customer care line, they think the pharmacist put that label on because it had been very hot here

They said it wouldn’t do any harm and the strips would be ok to use but should be at room temperature before before I use them, I have put them back in a draw, I will tell the pharmacy when I go back

Thanks for all your comments.

Thank goodness I don’t have to pay for them I know they are really expensive

Hi. I stored them in the fridge until recently when my pharmacist told me it wasn't necessary

Hi no i keep mine with my machine. It could be because of the heat wave as need to be kept at a certain temperature

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