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MHRA Press Release: Batches of NovoPen Echo & NovoPen 5 recalled due to risk of fault

Borrowed from 'Clutter' who is an administrator on the Thyroid UK forum on here:

People with diabetes who use NovoPen® Echo® and NovoPen® 5 should check to see if their devices are included in the company-led recall by Novo Nordisk.

The insulin cartridge holder in certain batches may crack or break resulting in an under-delivery of insulin which can lead to high blood glucose (hyperglycaemia) and can have serious health implications.

Novo Nordisk has detected the insulin cartridge holder used in a number of NovoPen® Echo® and NovoPen® 5 batches can be structurally compromised if exposed to certain chemicals, for example household cleaning agents.

People using devices from the affected batches should contact Novo Nordisk to replace the cartridge holder.


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This is good to know thanks Mary and Clutter of course!


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