Update-Chemo/Radiation on Lovonox

Hi Friends - Ok...Oncologist is worried that I will bleed from Lovonox injections but will keep me on it so as not to risk getting clots. The Chemo meds make blood thicker. Since I still have some bleeding from anus (Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Anus) I must go to the Emergency Room if more than usual Lee occurs. Blood work shows red cells are a little low today. I will have to wear a Chemo pump for six weeks daily at home along with daily visits to Radiology.

Not the news I was expecting to have so much Chemo but I should be cured in two months. Yes, I cried in the doctor's office. Praying 🙏🏽

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  • Hopefully in another few months and all cured, you will wonder what the fuss was all about. Hoping that all the chemo and radiation will pass quickly without too much pain and side effects.

  • Yee ha 2 months 🎯 A target to aim for. You go girl!

    Get yourself some books from the library and go into a fantasy world until it's all over. 🎟 A fun author I have been reading and you can get the books at the library in large print: are aSavannah Reid Mystery series by author G.A .McKevett. There are Several books in the series...they are quick, easy detective type fun reads and have sarcastic humor interspersed through out, they can hopefully keep you entertainingly distracted? Give a look and let me know if you are entertained.

    Keep yourself hydrated and be prepared for nausea and possibly vomiting. Ask about a medication called Zofran as you can place it under your tongue when nauseated, you don't have to swallow it and it is known to work well. Make sure you have some hard candies too. Sour lollipops are pretty good for this as the sweet ones may make you more nauseous... again, my dear, "you've got this". You will be celebrating victory by Halloween.

    Please continue to keep us posted. Wishing you well-ER times!

    I'm sending you a big ole hug

    Here's to an easier, more pleasant treatment time, Cindy in NJ.

  • We are praying too!

  • This is not what anyone wants.You are a fighter and will get through this.Try and eat and drink well to keep your strength up.Hope you have someone to look after you. You will come out of this a different person and be proud of yourself for it.

    Big hugs from everyone

  • Onward and upward!

  • Thanks for the encouragement. I will certainly take your advice. Marching forward!

    Linda ❤️🙏🏽

  • Only the best wishes for you- so sorry to hear this. Please keep updating us. I trust this was found early and the cells are contained to just this area they are targeting.

    You will be on you feel and feeling well by Thanksgiving and Christmas! Two months will be over and done very quickly.

  • Thanks Kelly. I'm lucky it has not spread. I have the holidays to looking forward to and a cruise in May.

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