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UPDATE ...InSpain

Today I am using Google Translate so I hope it works OK! InSpain has now been moved into intensive care, because she needs to be kept away from infection, and is still sleeping with sedation. Her heart needs to rest. She and her husband together are now in an isolation room. Her husband told me that she looks like she is smiling even though she is asleep. He is her rock and a very brave man. He is by her side 24 hours a day and is very tired and worried. But always the same – he is not a selfish man, and he asked me to tell you all not to worry about his wife she will wake up when she is ready feeling refreshed!

Today she has received blood platelets. They have now stopped her chemotherapy until she wakes up. At 20.00pm this afternoon she will go for an MRI to check her body for more clots. She is experiencing problems as her blood is still not anti-coagulating correctly. Her spleen is now dangerously swollen from the haemostasis but they cannot operate at the moment, it would be too dangerous.

I don’t know what else I can say. I hope that next time I write the news will be more encouraging.

Thank you from InSpain and her husband for all your thoughts and good wishes it helps to make them strong.

Best wishes


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Hola, gracias por informarnos de todas las noticias actuales sobre 'En España'. Por favor envíe sus mejores deseos colectivos, espero que ella comienza a sentirse mucho mejor el día de mañana y en los días que siguen, y gracias por tomarse tanto trabajo para comunicarse con nosotros sobre todo su progreso! Los mejores deseos desde el Reino Unido. Mary F x

Hello, thank you for informing us with all the current news about 'In Spain'. Please send her our collective best wishes, I hope she starts to feel much better tomorow and in the days which follow, and thank you for taking so much trouble to communicate with us about all her progress! Best wishes from the UK. Mary F x


Hi hon,

Thank you for keeping us updated, thinking of you all and hoping she gets better as the days go on.

Sending lots of hugs n love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


My thoughts are with you always. I wonder if Prof Khamashta knows of her treatment as she was his patient before she was too ill to come to see him and he had to refer her to his colleague in Barcelona and then to Valencia? Im sure he would be interested in her case.

Please give them both our best wishes and we look forward to hearing about her progress. xxx


Please send my best wishes to InSpain. Also to her husband who is such a great support to her. I look forward to hearing news of her progress. She is in our thoughts and we send hugs to her, hoping that it won't be too long before she begins go feel a little better.

Thank you for keeping us informed x


Thinking of you all xx


I hope she wakes with more energy and vigor, and I hope the treatments begin to work soon! We are all thinking of her and wishing her a speedy recovery.


Estaba pensando en ella ayer, gracias por las noticias. Hay algunos de nosotros aqui en españa y por eso por favor avisanos sí hay algo que podremos hacer, grande or pequeña, para ayudar InSpain o su marido.

Un abrazo muy fuerte para todos vosotros y ojala hoy hay noticias buenas.

[I was thinking about her all day yesterday, thank you for the news. There are some of us here in Spain and therefore please let us know if there is anything, big or small, that we can do to help InSpain or her husband.

A big hug to all of you and 'god willing' there is good news today.]


Hi there,

You are obviously a very good and close friend and must be suffering along with 'Inspain' and her husband (who must be beside himself!).

Our very best wishes to you all at this difficult time and I hope there are signs of improvement today.



Abrazos de mi parte tambien desde Inglaterra,no solo para En Espana sino tambien para su marido y su ciudador.Ojala que se mejore hoy y que siga mejorando.En estos momentos dificiles todos tenemos que rezar para una resolucion positiva.


Sorry,translation is,

Hugs on my part from England,not only for Made in Spain but also for her husband and helper.I hope that there is improvement today and in the future.During these difficult times we should all pray for a positive resolution.


Thinking of you all x


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