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follow up to the one i posted last week about red spots and rashes

saw the doctor today and he said the small red spots are blood spots and don't worry, told him about my hand being painful in the morning and stiff so he is going to do blood test for RF, ANA ,ACA and clotting i think that is what he said it was for to see what my clotting level is now and to check idf i don't have rheumatoid going in my hands

love to you all for you help

Christine xxxxx

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That is great, sounds like you are getting some detailed care. All the best Mary F x


i am and it great to have some one listen to you. the last time i had a clotting test done one of the test was 58 which had come down from 65 i will when i get my blood test back the week after found out what this one is.


The red spots are called Petechaie and i get them frequently when my legs are under duress or being used a lot.


mine are on my bust and arms today there are not to bad as i only have a few as yesterday there was loads


Hi Christine

Glad you have n answer to this, I`ve had them for so many years mainly on torso, never thought to ask whether they related to APS, so thank you.

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


the weekend i had like bites marks up my arms for no reason and my skin was sore and pain full all day, ended up having a cool shower to cool the skin down. glad that it has helped you mine went down sunday for how long i dont know


Hi Christine,

I get Blood spots all the time across my chest and shoulders spoken to GP and all he says is they will go away in own time and as i taking warferin this may take a lot longer,



mine come up and go down some days i have loads and than the next only a few, i only take aspirin


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