Hand turning blue

Hand turning blue

Hi all, I test positive for lupus anticoagulant; I am currently 26 weeks pregnant.

This morning when I was washing my son I noticed that the palms of my hands turned completely blue. Maternity assessment unit who advised to go a&e or walk in centre. So I went walk in. All my stats were good, so nothing was done but told if this continued to go to a&e.

Just now I have noticed one of the Palms of my hands has turned blue again. Baby has been moving.

Should I be concerned? I don't want to sit in a&e for hours for nothing - it's gone back to normal now.

Thanks in advance

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  • I would follow their medical advice, and make sure your consultant knows keep taking photographs and remember to take one to compare to the colour of the hands when not that colour. You need your circulation checked out! MaryF

  • Thanks Mary. I did take a photo of the other hand but I could only upload one photo on here.

  • Are your hands cold? It could be Reynaud's phenomenon.

  • Usually I do have cold hands but this first started when washing my son. So hands in warm water.

  • It sure looks like Raynauds Syndrome to me. I have that but my hands and feet turn a stone grey and my lips a deep purple. Is your hand cold? Look it up and see if it fits. Hope this helps.

  • EllieRl and salmonious I think you have made a good shout there!

    I do suffer with cold hands and feet, my fingernails are generally purple/blue and my feet are ice cold in winter. I also have very prominent livedo which is more prominent in the cold.

    I've had a read and didn't realise this was linked to aps, this is something i will definitely discuss with my haematologist on the 4th.

    You have certainly eased my mind - thank you. I will definitely make an apt with my gp on Tuesday to discuss.

  • In my case, when, I was cold, my hand would turn corpse white. My Gp, sent me for vascular testing, everything was fine, however, following the vascular test, My GP sent me for a blood test and set up an appointment with a rheumatologist. That test showed that I had a marker for Lupus. At my appointment, with the rheumatologist, a series of questions to determine if I had active Lupus. It was determined that, no, I did not, this was the spring of 2015. I had a significant stroke Aug 2015, this was m y first clot, and this was when I was diagnosed with APS. When I later learned that my stroke was related to this Lupus marker, I was very, bitter, because, I felt my stroke could have been prevented, if my GP had realized that the short episodes of double vision, pins, and needles in my hands feet, face and lips, were related to this Lupus marker. Yes, I had a CT- Scan, and an MRI, neither showed anything alarming. Nevertheless, Mt TIA type symptoms continued. I thought I was developing MS because, it has similar symptoms to that of TIAs, and because Canada has the highest rate of MS, in the world, finally because of my excellent health, didn't seem to make it possible, that, I was gearing up to suffer a significant stroke, My blood pressure tended to be on th slightly low side. I worked out at my training heart rate, at least 3X's a week, I ate heathy, didn't smoke, or use recreational drug. Nor did I drink excessively, my weight was in proportion to my height. Furthermore, I had no family history of stroke. At the time of my stroke in Aug of 2015, I was waiting to have an appointment with, a neurologist, an opthoneurologist, a follow-up MRI, and a blood test requested by the rheumatologist in the spring. I ran out of time, before I had my stroke, while, in hospital, post stroke, I asked many questions post stroke, and, no one would say what should have been done in my case to have prevented my stroke. Interestingly, a friend of mine who was sent to this same rheumatologist, and she was diagnosed with the Lupus marker, from a blood test, too. I was terrified she would have a similar thing happen to her.

  • Is it possible that you were also putting more pressure on that arm so the circulation was affected? Raynualds can cause the colour discolouration but normally you would also have a tempteture change with it so for instance the blue hand would be colder than the pinker one. I get one or two fingers that do that while the others stay the same! It's really odd.

    In your case I'd keep a close eye on it and if you are at all worried brave A&E. Much better to do that and waste time then regret it later.

  • Thanks for your reply. The second time this happened (in the photo) I was feeling cold. I had just put on a jumper and sat down to have a cup of tea when I noticed it.

    Little one's movement is very good which eases my mind no end, if this was not the case I would be straight up the hospital.

  • My Reynaud's temperature wise was in my right pinky finger, I noticed it walking the dog every morning, during a winter plagued with polar vortex cold. At first, I thought it might be caused by holding the leash in my right hand, or I thought, perhaps the insulation, in my right hand glove had been compromised, and was allowing the cold to affect that one finger. It sounded good, until, I noticed while lifeguarding at an indoor poolthat my pinky finger once again was inexplicably cold while all the other fingers were normal temperature, amd I was not in a cold environment. Post stroke, I was always cold on my affected side. I wasn't sure if this was related to Reynaud's , but it seems to be the blood thinners causing the cold temperatures, now, in fact, My Rynaud's appears to have been cured by my stroke.Or perhaps the blood thinners have kept my other parts so cold that I no longer notice it affecting one finger.

  • Well funny enough years ago I went to a different gp to (the one I see now) complaining about how cold my hands and especially my feet were. It was a cold winter but I could be walking around with tingling feet, and still ice cold long after I got inside. This dr told me I had reynauds on the spot. No tests or further investigations done. All he offered me was a tablet to open the small capillaries in my hands which I refused as I would have to take it every day and I was only young. So I forgot about it, and just assumed it normal for me.

    It was only last year after two miscarriages I pushed for tests and found I was positive for lupus anticoagulant - no clots todate - hopefully it stays that way.

    Thanks for sharing.

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