Do you get Hand spasms?

Forgive me if this is a silly question but here goes. My hands often go into spasm - so I can not let go of something I am holding or I just can't move my hands. It only lasts a little while (seconds) . One night last week I woke in the night and could not move my hands & arms - again just for half a minute or so.

Is this a Hughes thing?

I go to the hospital this week for MRI brain result. I was told there may be some brain changes on a CT scan (or it could just be "artefacts" on the scan and nothing wrong). I thought if there is something wrong on the scan I'd mention it then . If not I shall save this info for my usual Hughes consultant when I see him next month.

Thanks for reading.


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  • Hi Lynn,

    I get hand spasms too, am having my thyroid tested for it and I haven't got further than that yet in the diagnosis. Neurologist isn't sure whether its a Hughes thing, but it's not really her specialist subject so not going to necessarily take her word for it. I find I have a low level tremor most of the time and occasionally shakes that stop me holding on to things/grip affected. Also found its worse with stress and irregular eating.

    Would be interested to find out if there's a connection with INR levels too,

    Hope it calms down soon,


  • Hi Lynn,

    I've recently (last 3 months) had a blood clot firstly in my left leg then a month later in the right leg, been on Heparin injections ever since but 4 nights in 14 sleeps i woke because my leg would go into spasm only for a couple minutes then i'd go back to sleep, it never happened in the daytime or felt like it would go into spasm after. Maybe it's INR related or type of medication used for Hughes Syndrome.

  • I get spasms,tremors and sudden weakness where I drop things, tiredness and stress aggravate this.

  • I often get both spasms in my arms and legs. Some mornings I can't get out of bed and my carer has to physically move my legs off the bed and stand me up so I can move around. After a stroke I have very weak right hand side and cannot use the right hand very much and it does go into spasm. Could well be a Hughes thing

  • I get terrible spasms in my hands. Even something as simple as holding a wooden spoon can set it off.

    I also get spasms in my feet and legs. Most recently I have been suffering from pins and needles all over even in my eyes. I also get a jerky right leg.

    It would seem that a lot of us suffer from these symptoms which are very like MS.

  • I have been down with my neck and back? I am going off my warfin so I can have an epidural

    in my vertebrate in my neck. I have a blogging

    Disc. Short of surgery I feel with my APS and PBC this is the way to go. I will need to have belly shots for 5days before. I am really freighted. I am so much pain for the past 3 weeks with my neck and back. I am now out of answers. I sure need support if you can offer any. Also I have been getting hand and feet cramps before this

    Thanks everyone. Xxxx

  • Yes, I get them too, it's getting to the point where it is going to cause an accident as happening more often and when i'm trying to take something out of the oven i've dropped things.

    Had it twice yesterday in both hands and my INR is ok at the mo so not sure what causes it, but also get shakes and trmors too.

  • I have spasms all over my body, Been thru massive amounts of testing and still no relief, my right hand I have carpal tunnel, my hand just freezes and I have to pry my fingers open . my back muscles spasm so bad they use an ultra sound to give me my shots that are close to my spine .-------------- jet

  • I have times where my hands will twitch for no reason, or a finger will suddenly move on its own accord resulting in me squeezing whatever I'm holding, or dropping it!! I also have times where my jaw will bite down for no reason and I end up biting the inside of my cheek or my tongue which is pretty painful. For the last few weeks I keep getting a twitch in my left eyelid that is really annoying. Not sure what is causing it as no one has ever given me a straight forward answer!

  • I to get a twitch-jerk in my hand and if its holding a drink i end up wearing it or whoever is sitting next to me will get a free wash. My jaw to bites down seems like a shudder? and it is painful as its either the the tongue or cheek that gets bitten. Thought it was just me!

  • I used to be absolutely plaqued. by cramps and spasms. It was much better after I started anti consultants but still a problem. My GP suggested adding salt to my food which I never did before. I use a good salt and not toil much but I do think that has helped. I have never had high blood pressure though. Salt may not be recommended if you do have it.

  • Yes I get spasms, but they don't sound as bad as many people here are having. Mainly just hands and feet (right more common) like tired mum, grabbing something out of the oven is a worry - cooking is my main creative / relaxing 'hobby' and it gets me down to have to plan taking out dishes so carefully ( shunting pans across my arms - using thick towels not oven gloves) but after several cassoroles across the floor. It is also one of several factors that has stopped me driving (I also lose attention) i miss that, I took an advanced driving course and extra police lessons so as to drive charity vans in my twenty's (only in my thirty's now). Otherwise, spasms haven't caused too much trouble- although I did have a close call last week, skiding on my bike when I suddenly pulled the brakes. The heomatologist I saw said it was nothing to do with my blood (maybe she was bored by all my symptoms, but as it was costing more than I could really afford.......) possibly stress, possibly in my head. I tried a chiropractor, thinking it might be caused by a trapped nerve - no help, but the pre diagnosis massage was wonderful!

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