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Contraception, APS and Lupus

Morning all! Posting this in Hughes and Lupus forums so apologies if you see it twice!

Just had an amazingly helpful appointment with the only GP in my practise who has an interest in autoimmune issues. We discussed my contraception options and given my issues with the copper coil (severe cramping, menhorragia, faintness etc.), she is now going to talk to my consultant about trying me on the Mirena coil instead.

I wanted to see if anyone else has had one and whether you noticed an improvement in your symptoms or whether it turned out to be completely incompatible with your Hughes/Lupus.

She thinks the faint spells are more likely down to my stupidly low blood pressure rather than anything else.

All feedback welcomed :)

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Hi, I think several of our members have had success with that particular style of coil, also I know kate Hindle at the charity carries some information regarding this! MaryF


Thanks Mary! I'll see if I can ping Kate an email.


Hi sorry hear your suffering,i have same i used mirena coil vast imporvement for me though taken out now as trying for child. much better than copper coils.


Thanks soul22, I will probably give it a go. I can always get it whipped out if it causes issues :)

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all best.


I have the marina coil. I've had it in for 4 years now, and I've had no trouble with it. My periods are almost non existent where before they were really heavy. I would recommend it to anyone with APS. Hope if you decide to try it, that it suits you too! X


Hi I have had several mirena coils which are compatible with APS & warfarin therapy. It took a while in my case to settle but persevere if it takes a while to settle the benefits out weigh - I still have light periods & the progesterone helps with pmt & menopause - best wishes kath


Hi all! Just a little update.

I was too chicken to go for the coil and after discussion with one of their consultant Dr's, I decided I was going to try Wellspring Serenity natural progesterone cream alongside my current copper coil first.

Turns out I'm way too scared of synthetic hormones these days!

It was delivered today so I'll let you know how it goes over the next few months!


There are many different types of contraception ranging from emergency, hormonal and barrier methods to long-acting or permanent contraception. You can find a full list of contraceptives together with their descriptions here: motherhow.com/what-is-contr...


Thanks Emily. 

I've actually been using the cream and a supplement alongside my copper coil every since I posted this and I have to say the difference is utterly amazing! 

If anyone's interested then the combination is FemmeVit by Healthaid along with Serenity cream by Wellspring. 


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