Treatment which begs belief

Yesterday I went for a follow up gp appointment after my month of vision loss, speech problems etc. The gp office saw how poorly I was phoned hospital direct sent me in an ambulance ~ sirens and blue lights ~ another suspected TIA. A&E agree, do ct scan and keep me in overnight to see the stroke team and a possible mri today.

I had bad chest pain. One dr suspects PE but colleague says well shes on warfarin so if it is it will get better ~ no xray done to confirm and monitor.

My swallow improved after the aspirin but then I felt a pop near the artery at side of neck ~ very giddy, sick, worst headache ever. Have to sit with head perfectly still for 3 hours. The hospital did not check it out ~ even though I told 8 members of staff over the 2 wards I stayed on.

Stroke consultant who has many aps patient told me the vision and speech problems I have had are not TIA symptoms. I get sent home with TIA diagnosis revoked.

This is my worst episode ever ~ still dizzy, cant walk in a straight line, face numb, and now I find that reading is difficult again ~ cant track across a page without feeling dizzy and sick. GP has said to go in this afternoon and they will check my neck and decide what next.

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  • Re your anticoagulation; have you asked for a trial of LMW Heparin suggested by APsnotFab some days ago?

    I have forgotten if you Warfarin is working. Probably not as you have a lot of symptoms. What does your APS Specialist say about all this?

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Gp is now directing me to a neurologist with a view to a discussion of new medication and frequent supervision appointments. She also confirmed that I have had TIA and helped us with meds and support.

    Thanks for your help.😊

  • What is your INR range? Are they supplementing with LMW Heparin if it is too low? Remember warfarin doses take 3 days or so to take affect and make sure the finger prick test is backed up with a blood draw. CT scans sometimes DO NOT Show a stroke until 48 hours after the event, mine didn't. Ask for it to be repeated and if you don't improve go back to A& E and don't take no for an answer. xx

  • My target is 3. I self inject when not near that and / or am symptomatic. Thank you for your help.I am finally getting a bit more assertive.

  • If you are not improving you MUST go back to A&£, and take somebody you trust with you, to act as another set of eyes and ears and stick up for you. MaryF

  • I sure hope they can figure this out. I know it's so frustrating to be in pain and the spmtoms are scary. I hope they figure it out quickly. Prayers for you ♡♡♡

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