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CVID immune deficiency and antithyroglobulin anyibodies

My Immunologist returned my call today concerning the fact my thyroglobulin antibodies are elevated. She, a lovely young lady, told me that since I get 24 grams of gamma globulin intravenously every 4 weeks, the elevated lab values of thyroglobulin antibodies may be misleading. This is due to the fact that the gamma globulin contains the antibodies of thousands of people. This can skew the results of any antibody testing. When possible, to get accurate antibody results, one must not receive gamma globulins for 6 months prior to antibody testing. Since I cannot go without gamma globulin, she suggested getting second antibody test and seeing endocrinologist.

Has anyone here heard anything about this type of situation where antibody replacement can affect thyroid lab studies? Any ideas?

Thank you in advance. Nancy

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Hi- just wondering why it is necessary for you to receive these gamma globulins on a regular basis? Just so you know I have raised thyroglobulin antibodies quite regularly, that's when the labs consent to measuring them!


Because I was found to have a congenital immune deficiency in 2014 with defective B cells(white blood cells), I must take gamma globulin every 4 weeks. The job of a B cell is to recognize harmful bacteria and viruses and then to make appropriate antibodies to prevent infections. When I was a kid in the 50's and 60's, this condition was unknown. Now, it is recognized in children who get frequent and long lasting infections. I was always sick with a sinus infection, bronchitis, pneumonia. When I was 8-9 years old I had a case of 'swollen glands' (now known as Epstein Barr) for months. I have been hospitalized with cat bite fever, MRSA, pneumonia, all in the last 12 years. A lab test on my immunoglobulins shows them to be very low. If I do not take gamma globulin infusions, I risk massive, difficult to treat, infections.

The APS is likely secondary to the CVID as autoimmune issues are very frequent in this condition. Nonhodgkins lymphoma is also very common in CVID because, I think, immune system cannot recognize mutated cells. I had stage 4 nonhodgkins lymphoma in 2001 and received 6 months of adriamycin (chemo) and rituxan(monoclonal antibody). These drugs totally wiped lymphoma out. I was lucky.

It just seems impossible that I do not make normal antibodies but I make lots of autoantibodies. Go figure? Nancy

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