LA test interpretation

LA test interpretation

Here is a different LAB that tested my bloods and said I was positive for LA. I don't know how they came about it on this test. Each test has several pages. I wish I could post them all. I will try to post maybe one or two more of the test sections for you all. This test also explains how I have a high level of Glycoprotein antibodies. Also, Glycoprotein antibodies are more specific to the clinical manifestation of clotting as well. My doctor could not tell me if I had LA because she was not interested in reading more into the reports since she says I will be on blood thinners for the rest of my life anyways. She is done with investigating.

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  • I was wondering if the results could have been downplayed because my labs were done in Colorado. I never realized that before. They flew them out to a different laboratory very far away and maybe that is why the LA was positive on this one? Who knows. It's all so confusing.

  • Also, my Hematologist once said in her notes that she had my blood retested and I was positive for ACL antibodies. I don't see that in these test reports. But her notes said she had the lab do another test on my bloods. I really don't know what to believe. This test was done 6 months after my blood clots, so there could have been more activity in antibodies if they would have tested me in the hospital.

  • What is LA?

  • Hi share-a

    LA is Lupus Anticoagulant - one of the three antibodies they take to find out if you have a diagnose of APS. Have you tested for it?


  • It sounds to me as if your consultant is being pretty thorough, believe me it is better to have the diagnosis than not so, it took me ages to pass the tests. MaryF

  • MaryF, she was good to get me those tests. She just lost interest in me after she found out what was wrong with me and discharged me back to my PCP now that I haven't had a blood clot in 5 years. She's just one of the APS only causes blood clots type of doctors and will not entertain any other symptom so I stopped asking her for help. I know what you mean about the diagnosis. I was sick all my life and never knew what it was. I only received a quick diagnosis because the clots almost killed me. The Hematologist told me it is not normal to almost die from huge clots at such a young age so she did all the testing. If not, I would not even know anything or even have found you guys here. It took me six months before I even knew what APS was and how to treat it. It's been a upward battle for me ever since.

  • Keep going up hill, a lot of us have, best of luck, it sounds like the Haematologist is helping, thankfully your care will get better now, it has been the same for so many of us, a long long learning curve for us as individuals and for the medical staff some of whom have never even heard of the disease. MaryF

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