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played around with gluten free lots of times,but always slipping back

this Christmas I said right then,let's do this

so three months gluten free,one accidental and one deliberate slip,the accidental one being a couple of chocolates,and the deliberate a slice of a five bird roast,that had been purchased for over Christmas,but not used,it had stuffing in.

anyway,had been expecting some improvement in fatigue,brain fog,and inflammation,

was disappointed to not see any improvement in any of the three,in fact inflammation has been worse

however,bowel problems improved no end

going to go into detail now so if you are squeemish do not read

for years now I have been told I have ibs

I go three,to five times a day and it is sloppy and yellow .

two weeks gluten free and i did my first normal pooh in years

now go. Two to three times a day but normal looking

Wednesday,freezer and fridge empty,except for food teen had brought home from work

it was biriyani,meat

I know that the works veg biriyani is gluten free,but not the meat one,which is what my don had been given

I decided to chance it,as beggars can't be choosers,and had it for lunch and dinner

yesterday I spent the entire day on the settee

and my face was numb all day

will be discussing this with gp soon

had blood test ages ago,which was negative,but I,m now wondering

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I do not have Coeliac Disease, but giving up gluten, strictly so, less allergy, in the form of extreme sneezing which put me in bed for days, down by around 90 percent, low grade stomach ache and upset stomach gone, less itching and less joint pains. Naturally I take probiotics also, will I ever go back on gluten no! It is well documented now that people can be gluten intolerant. My brain fog improved also to a certain degree. MaryF

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Sorry to hear that you have reacted as I do. Be aware that I have also found that I have got bad sensitivities to soy and lactose with the same symptoms as Gluten.

Once you give Gluten up if you do have CD or NCGI you are likely not be able to tolerate it again without these horrible symptoms. As Mary says use a good Probiotic like Optibac extra strength which will help.

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I do take a good probiotic,but have just yesterday finished a course of antibiotics for cellulitis,which has obviously depleted me,as I now have a bout of thrush.

my guess is that I have not been absorbing nutrients for years

when tested,my iron is always low,and my vitimin D

I havnt had other nutritional tests,but I would bet they would be low

my guess is that the normal stool appearance when gluten free means I am now absorbing vitamins

just me playing Dr here


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