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Zyflamend / Anti-inflammatory herbs

My Doc goes into orbit when I discuss herbs and vitamins. On one hand he describes them as useless and other times he lectures me on the danger of taking them. They cannot be powerless and powerful simultaneously. I believe in Chinese herbs as they have helped me immensely over the years in conjunction with acupuncture and my Tai Chi practice. I just bought one called Zyflamend which is a combination of herbs intended to reduce inflammation. We all know that most auto-immune diseases are the result of some sort of inflammation. Sadly most US MD's dismiss herbs because they have no knowledge of their use or any inclination to understand them. (IMHO, a silly response to ancient and proven medicines.) Has anyone here found a Doc that combines them in treatment of APS?

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Sadly not yet. I'm trying to get my consultant to believe that taking gluten, dairy, meat and nightshade out of my diet has massively helped my discomfort and I now know immediately if I've accidentally had some of any of the above as I feel achy and arthritic.

I'd also love to know if anyone has has a good experience with naturopathic/herbal treatments and their clinical Dr's.


The doc can't ague with your new-found relief! Food can be our medicine and it can also make us sick.

My concern is that the benefits of certain herbs will duplicate the effects of Coumadin and thereby over medicate me. I'm looking for a balance of least amount of Big Pharma's chemicals along with naturally occurring compounds.

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Gluten is definitely a good thing to take out of the diet if any autoimmune problems are present, and all the other things are dependent on an individuals unique make up, in my opinion. As I am not on Warfarin it leaves me with a bit more freedom to take other things, but I do know you have to be careful with certain herbs, ie things like echinacea and elderberry are known to alter the white blood cell count, I took them years ago as my other friends with out autoimmune swore by them for shifting colds, they would make me instantly ill, as they did my other friends with Lupus or Hughes or similar! MaryF


Thanks DannyBoy1! I agree with your thoughts.


Hi, I think there is usually sensible caution in place regarding interactions with herbs and drugs. Certainly there is care taken to make patients cautious with good reason. However to write all herbs and supplements off as useless is dismissive in my opinion. I think if you can find a nutritionist to help who also understands the importance of the medication you are on this is a good thing. However it is certainly not in big pharma's interest to have patients gaining some sort of health back without use of their products. As I am on Aspirin only and not having the complications of Warfarin currently, I certainly take plenty of oily fish oil, and eat things to help keep my body as best I can. I am also one for always reading the small print on boxes of drugs! MaryF


Great reply. Thanks. BTW: I just found a post by an MD that said he "orders" patients to stop taking fish oil and then promptly admitted that recent studies have shown it does NOT effect Coumadin/Warfarin. Old habits die hard....


I'd get a new Dr if one started telling me not to take fish oil.


I have had certain doctors get really sniffy when the prospect of any non big pharma vitamin or preparation is suggested.

In my case big pharma drugs have had a fair crack of the whip at providing a cure and are not performing as well as I would hope for. So I for one am going to look for alternatives that work and I hope that my team will support me in my quest and not hinder me



I have had great help witb Chinese her s and acupu cture.My consultant Dr K was very accepting of this with the usual sensible advice re checking i teractions. His view was if it works it works. My chinese doctor is trained i both traditional and modern medicine which are used side by side in China. There are traditional herbal pharmacies in the major hospitals.

I have also found that cayenne tincture reliably allieviates my chest pain.


Cayenne is said to be blood thinning. Hmmmn.

Have also read that if someone is suffering potential cardiac problems and they are without any possibility of medical or drug help, to get them to snort cayenne may prevent clot damage. Obviously this is not to be used with abandon but you may wish to keep some in the cupboard and google a bit to read about it.


Ignore him then!

Here's what I take every day:

Vitamin B,C,D,E, 1000 mg of Folic Acid, Meriva 500, CoQ10, Omega 3

And I alternate 12.5 and 15 mg of COumadin.

We keep my INR at 3.5 - 4 and all of that just makes me normal

I've had surgery several times while on Coumadin. No bleeding issues.

Too dangerous to get off Coumadin with a history of PEs and DVTs.

I also eat salad and green veggies every day, and am a pescatarian.

So IMHO, the advice drs give about APLS is a load of baloney.


If you google 'Rockerfeller medicine' it may help with some understanding as to what is included in medical school training and what is left out


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