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Coumadin for AFIB

I am new here. 72 year old female and have been taking Coumadin for 3 years due to AFIB. Also have type 2 diabetics. Trying to eat healthy but difficult to try and consume similar daily amounts of vitamin k and having to do research every time I want to introduce new foods into my diet. I am now adding fermented foods which seem to help with gut issues. My cardiologist has recommended one of the other medications but my primary has not changed the medication. Would appreciate any comments s others have experienced in this situation.

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Hello there. We are actually a forum for Hughes Syndrome. You may get better answers from joining the AFib community on HU.


I myself, and my Dr.. don't use new med instead of Coumadin. He doesn't like the New drugs because they can't be reversed if you have surgery or overdose.


Hi I think you may be on the wrong forum, see advice from my fellow administrator above. MaryF


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