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going off coumadin??

my doc wants me to go off coumadin and go on plavix..i am really afraid ..has anyone else been on coumadin and switched to body has been having a hard time adjusting all of a sudden..i am either very high or very low..didn't have this problem before...i haven't done anything different except get older..i am allergic to plaquinal....thanks in advance

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If it was me I would want a second opinin before agreeing to that. Plavix doesn't work in the same was as Warfarin. The usual alternative to Warfarin is Low Molecular Weight Heparin.

Best wishes.



Def get a second opinion ,since i came off warfarin my health has gone down hill , been fighting for 4 months to get it back .


I was on plavix just before my diagnosis was tweaked from essential thrombocytosis to Hughes The plavix did not stop the strokes. So I too would get a 2nd opinion.


thank you for your help..he is the leading doctor in my state..there isn't anyone that knows as much about hughes as he does...he has written many papers and gone to numerous medical conferences...he would be the one i went to for a second opinion.....he is sending me for another mri and aps blood workup to make sure i am ok to change..but i am scarred...the only other doctor that would be his equal has retired...sigh


How long were you on coumadin? Frankly if it was any length of time I have never heard of anyone being taken off warfarin and put on what is essentially a aspirin type of medication as its normally the other way around. Can you refuse and state your concerns? He must be giving you reasons why he feels this action is necessary........


What was the indication for the warfarin in the first place? Also what blood test is he repeating. Prof Hughes and my local hematologist in the US both feel no reason to ever repeat the aPL testing once it has been positive twice. The antibodies can wax and wane and if it later comes back negative that doesn't mean your APS has gone away--unfortunately. Can you get a second opinion elsewhere?


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