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Dry mouth

Kerstin kindly pointed me toward Xerodent tablets. Unfortunately, these are not available in Australia. I have tried both of the mouthwashes for this condition (that I can get here) with not a lot of success. Anyone else got some suggestions?

As with most of my symptoms, they all get worse in Winter. I find I wake up through the night with my mouth glued together and my tongue feels like it should belong to someone else!

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HI, you could also join another group on this HU platform called The Australian Sjogrens Syndrome Association, you can use the same details to join as on here, and their members are likely to know what you will be able to use and where it can be purchased. MaryF


Have you tried Biotene Gel and Biotene toothpaste? If you keep some gel next to your bed you can top up during the night :-) I also keep a bottle of water next to my bed and sip it during the night ... I wake up several times anyway.

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Also Biotene mouthwash.

Might also be worth looking at some of the medication you may be on. I have had the same issues, its horrible and frankly nothing does the job completely, I do now take prescribed Salagen (pilocarpine) and within minutes I begin to salivate. Unfortunately the dose doesn't last all through the night (or day (4 a day)

My consultant isn't sure whether my sjogrens is drug induced or otherwise- but says it is of no real importance as it has to be treated regardless.


Hi. I am in the UK and I use a spray from Boots the chemist called Expert Dental Dry Mouth Spray. It is quite effective.


Thanks for all the replies and I will look at the site that Mary recommended. I have Biotene spray and water by the bed for when I wake up but it would be nice to sleep through without waking! :( I haven't seen the gel or toothpaste so I will look online to track those down.

I'm heading to Quensland next week for a short holiday and it's at least 12deg warmer than here so I might get a break.


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