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heavy waves and pain in my brain when ears tinnitus

i start having tinnitus for many years ago! i enjoyed it at the beginning,it feels like under the water!!!as years goes i began to feel my head getting heavy waves starting from ears and waving all over my head as small circle to bigger and bigger! i could feel my brain getting also heavy and i can"t describe that pain but it is so uncomfortable.i have to leave everything until it is away!

i"am new here could anyone help?

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Is the tinnitus due to Hughes Syndrome? Or is it getting worse without a high enough INR?


i will ask my doctor to have INR n see if that's the cause but one time i had waves n i check my blood pressure it was 16 so i am really worry!


When were you diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome (APS)? Long ago? Other symptoms?

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


Hi, does you doctor think you have Hughes Syndrome/APS and where are you located? MaryF


As my colleagues have asked you, do you have a diagnosis of APS/Hughes Syndrome? This is a forum for patients suffering from that condition, not a general medical forum.



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