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USB Medic Altert Bracelet

I was wondering if anyone besides me knows about and uses a USB Medic Alert Bracelet. Its really cool u plug it into your computer and it doen loads a program. U can put all kinds of information on it. Including multiple meds, disorder, xrays, dr. 100 times better then little braclet that says APS/Warfarin/Plavix. The USB holds everything and all dr/hospital has to do is plug it into their computer and then they know everything u put on it!

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Yes - great if you are able to hand over but no good for Ambulance crews esp if you are unconcious. Would use both - I have a hard copy tucked into my mobile & my medic bracelet on my mirror in the car.


What would worry me about that is the risk of my medical record falling into the wrong hands. If you lost it or the bracelet broke then anyone can plug it in and get the info.

I prefer the medic alert bracelet which calls the company to access your information from anywhere in the world.


Yes good advice, I had the same thought. MaryF


From a computer security point of view this sounds like a really really bad idea. Honestly. Wear a bracelet or whatever with a readable id code and a url, or a QR code, and put the info online, where it can be accessed via firewalls, displayed in a browser sandbox and only accessed via a machine that is supposed to be able to connect to the internet and is setup to deal with the risks that entails. Seriously.

No paramedic/nurse/doctor should _ever_ take a usb device of unknown origin and plug it into a hospital computer, and they (or you or anyone else) should _NEVER_ run an unknown program from an unknown source usb device. A large part of the job of hospital IT security will be preventing staff from doing exactly this, another large part will be clearing up the mess when some idiot finds a way to do it anyway.

This is exactly how hospitals (and other targets) are hacked, in tests and for real. Some further reading:





Well here in the US the dr.s and hospitals are putting our medical recods online anyway. Something I was very against! But I have no say.


You absolutely have a say! If anyone breaches your data security without your permission you can sue them! That's in whatever country you live in!

You write to your Dr or hospital and tell them they do not have permission to make your medical records public or to add them to their system if that is what you chose to do. You must understand that should you then go to that hospital and your records cannot be accessed easily, there could be a delay in your treatment. However hospitals should have plans to deal with such eventualalities.

They have been trying to do it here but have legally to offer everyone the option to opt out if they so wish.

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