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A big thank you to Paddy

Paddy is having a break from doing ADMIN... and may be back in the future, but will remain and active member on here. I just wanted to thank you for all your previous hard work, and being a great ear at times.. when I was trying to train up and make sense of my terrible computer skills! Please don't sail off into the sunset forever Paddy!

Mary F x

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I second that Mary and I sincerely hope that Paddy returns as an Admin when he feels he can.



Dear Paddy: I am so sorry you can no longer contribute your wealth of knowledge to the Forum. I, for one, learned very much from the links you passed on concerning statins and I sincerely hope some of the other administrators gleaned the links from you before your departure. It's important information to get out there. I do hope you are well and that your reasons for temporary withdrawal are not due to ill health.

Thank you so very much for all the help you have given me by sharing your knowledge of statins. It actually changed my course of medical action and I am so much better now. I hope God gives you an especially fluffy pillow up there when your time comes. Truly, you are a good soul.

Warm wishes and plenty of smiles,



I am sure that Paddy will be is not a final good bye... merely time out..I hope he does come back after a break. Mary F x


Yes, Mary, but you never know... I might not be here and I have learned to say my thank yous and I'm sorrys immediately so nothing is ever outstanding and I do not have unfulfilled ... I wish I hads ....... cause I will have. And, Mary, if you can understand THAT, I give you credit (insert smile here). Make it a great day.


Good for you, and also I will state that a lot of our old information got lost in the move over to this new site, despite assurances that it would not be! Mary F x


Well, I'm sorry to say I only gleaned one from Paddy, but I will do a more thorough search and give the ADM's a beginning for a new file on statins. It really is important information to get out and there are quite a few questions on it. Usually the same questions. It is almost a standard question for people whom have been placed on statins and are experiencing side effects. It's good to send them the knowledge we have and let them decide for themselves.


I will look through some back dates of my journal. It has to be almost a year ago that a lot of information was coming out.

I am so sorry about your loss of information. It is most frustrating, particularly after prioritizing it as important to retain. After watching countless systems completely re-vamped for extremely large corporations, I have learned:

1. You WILL lose information no matter the guarantee, so back it up!

2. It WILL take at least 6 months longer than they estimated to make the change.

3. Complaints are INEVITABLE as people generally do like change.

4. Just as you get your people used to it, it WILL change. (Particularly at the rate this site is growing.)

5. You may consider yourself fortunate if you manage to keep your top 3 most valuable personnel.

So goes the changing of systems in the corporate world. Glad I don't have to participate in that game anymore. It's a stress manufacturer.

Make it a great day, Mary. And don't forget...


Warm wishes,



I will definitely miss Paddy's wise advice and experience on running an online forum. He was one of the main people who helped establish this community, particularly as he merged the well-established APLS UK with the new HU site.

Thank you Paddy - you will always be welcome here, I hope you enjoy your well earned rest Kxx


I am hoping he will come back when less busy. Mary F x


I myself would like to personally THANK YOU PADDY-- for all the help and compassion you have given and gave me thru the time i have been on this site. hope you are well and come back to us all in the future- you will be missed my friend .. a heart felt thanks ---- jet


Thank you Paddy for all your hard work on here, we all know that there are so many complications out there that take over.......hope you are ok in health matey...keep in touch & speak to you on facebook too :)


Hi all,

Do not worry I am not gone for good I am mearly taking a break. Thank you for all your kind words I class you all as friends and your still can contact me via Facebook or message me on here I look to be back on her soon so this is a see you soon not good bye.


Glad to hear you will be back x Mary F x


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