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Could these symptoms of my Stroke, actually be APS?

I had a stroke and was diagnosed with APS in 2005. Since then as well as the dizzy spells, double vision, joint pain, skin problems etc, I have had a number of 'cognitive/ brain issues'. Short term memory, confusion and inability to 'take things in' are the main issues, and I always thought that these were mainly due to the stroke. As these symptoms are worse some days than others, could it be that it is actually the APS that is causing these problems and not the stroke?

Do people on here who haven't had a stroke, also have these symptoms?

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The answer to this question is yes it could be to both! I have this and as yet I have not had a stroke! Mary F


Hi, I have most of those symptoms, have aps but they have never been sure wether I had a small stroke in the beginning? so in what I can tell by own experiences & hearing could be both? its the same with other symptoms a lot of us never really know if its the Hughes causing them or something else at the end of the day?!!



Your question is really interesting. I was in exactly your situation last year after having a Stroke. Being seronegative I was initially tested for APS and told I did not have it so the symptoms continued and I assumed as did everyone else that I was still suffering from the residue of the Stroke.

To a degree that was correct until I started to do my own research and decided to see Prof Hughes for a second opinion on APS. I was dx and put on heparin and the "Stroke symptoms" improved. In fact I was in the middle of seeing a speech and language therapist and after a month of Heparin I was discharged!

Of course there is still residue and I still have symptoms which I am told some are due to a type of migraine due to post traumatic brain injury which is going to last 3-5 years (joy) but there is good cognitive improvement.

So I think the answer to your question is yes and no! What anticoagulation are you on and is it therapeutic? This could make a big difference in my view personally.


Hi Del,

the answer is Yes, I had all of those issues still do , as othere had said it also depends on the damage done by the stroke but you can defo put a tick in both it is just finding out percentages so what damage was done on stroke leasions, scars etc and you can normally gage from that the rest you can put down to APS



Ditto with a yes from me Del,

Before the strokes provided clear clinical evidence of something bad going on in my brain, I had, over the previous year or so, a number of these "panic attacks." Something was wrong, and some part of me was telling me I should be scared, but I could never identify what I should be scared of. I decided I was under stress and possibly crazy.

The MRI of the brain done after the obvious stokes revealed about a dozen of spider-webby looking things which I was told was evidence of a history of mini-strokes. Looking back, I think those spider webs came from those panic attacks.

Hope this helps.

What is your INR level?


Thanks for everyone's replies, very reassuring!

I'm on Warfarin and Aspirin and have an INR range of 3.5 to 4. I am being referred to St Thomas's, so hopefully I will be able to find some answers.


I have found the factsheets available online from the stroke association very helpful and answered my questiions about why I was in chronic pain and had so many complex disabilies

It was like a lightbulb going on.

I also found it really helpful to see the occupational therapist, the consultant referred me.


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