Dental issues with aps

Has anyone else had dental health problems with aps?

I have no end of problems my teeth just crumble away and have done for years gotta have six teeth out very soon. Also doctors have took my off aspirin and heparin since I've had the baby and I'm getting really fatigued and very bad headaches and I ache all over?

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  • when I had my daughter I lost my top teeth they just crumbled away. Than everytime I got pregnant I would loose more teeth as they crumbled away. Have they not given you any medication for aps?

  • I've gotta be re referred back to the heamotology department x

  • My daughter is 21, and my dental problems have never been linked to my pregnancy/birth or nursing. I have suffered dental problems from a young age, and as I've got older it has not got any better. So in answer to your question, I would say there is a connection! Sarahx

  • I never had adult teeth in my gums so when i lost my baby teeth some never got replaced! I had a lot of fillings as a child,and I lost my last baby tooth at 25!!!!!! I have a stump for a tooth where it was - only half a tooth came through. Terrible gum problems and receeding ones.

  • I have very poor teeth despite good oral hygeine. Loads of fillings as a child which now makes me feel quite dental phobic! Currently we're without a dentist but need to get our next six month check in March so feel a bit of pressure as a new dentist will probably want more x rays and more re-fillings!!!!

  • Have you been on steroids? My dentists said thats the reason I'm having problems with my teeth.

    Lissylou if you go onto the NHS Choices site and go to the advanced search you can tick that you are looking for a NHS dentist that takes nervous patients it should give you a list of ones near you. As someone who is dental phobic I see my check ups as necessary evils so I wish you all the best.

  • I have, for the first time in 35 years. I have basically lost a tooth due to it crumbling. I wondered if it was to do with APS or my steroids, which I stopped but have now been restarted on for a month due to back issues connected with APS. Hoping not to suffer anymore dental issues. Fingers crossed.

  • I recently bit down on a bone fragment hiding inside my beef short ribs,( an examination lead me to conclude the cow had broken a rib before he went through the slaughterhouse.)

    During my follow up with my dentist she explained I may have cracked the tooth, in which case it might just split apart some time in the future. She also explained that since I had not been expecting to be biting down on something hard, I would not have done all that only semi-conscious preparation of my jaw and I may have strained a ligament below the tooth (yes, apparently there are ligaments there!) or even bruised the tooth root. She recounted some of her past histories with patients and postulated that as long as my sensitivity continues to improve it is probably a bruise or a strained ligament which will eventually resolve.

    But she also noted that my warfarin therapy, (as well as wierd thing APLS does -- which leads me to believe my dentist knows more about APLS then some of my doctors!) a bruised tooth may result in a clot, tooth death and THEN a broken or dead tooth.

    Makes sense to me. Maybe that is what is going on?

  • I am wondering if anyone ever got an answer about aps and teeth crumbling? I am 25 year old male, was diagnosed 10 years ago and have been on warafin for 10 years. I have done 16 weeks retuxin infusions about 7 years ago. About a year ago i had a mollar literally crumble, i have had 3 others do the same since then. Any ideas?

  • Hi Bentley,

    I suggest, if you are diagnosed APS, that you put a new question here on this site as you have now answered a 3 year old post.

    You will get more answers if you put your own question.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

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