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Strep should I see dr?


I think I have strep throat. It started with a migraine on Friday, which I thought was another headache. Saturday I woke up with the worst sore throat ever and what felt like a fever. I have been run down with little sleep for a week so I thought it was a symptom of that, I went to work anyway. Sunday it was still sore and I hurt all over, still I went to work. It was my mandatory weekend and If I didn't go could face disciplinary action. I looked at my throats today it looks terrible and the roof of my mouth is covered in red petichiea ans the inside of my cheeks. Should I go o the Drs or willi be ok?

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You have moved to the US from England (I have read what you have written about your APS earler).

I read that you had enormous changes in INR. You had an INR of 16.1 and also around 2.0 You wanted to give up Warfarin.

We suggested you should try LMW Heparin. I wonder if you have got an APS-Specialist in the US? Has he put you on another anticoagulation than Warfarin?

I think you should call him and show him this. There are other autoimmun illnesses besides APS like Sjögrens and SLE etc. You should perhaps do some more tests.

We are no Doctors here so you must absolutely show this red petichies to a Doctor.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


I agree totally with what Kerstin has told you.



If I were you I would be going to the doctor today, when you have an underlying autoimmune disease, infections can take off and get out of hand. MaryF

First off anytime strep is a possibility u need to have a culture done as strep untreated can damage organs such as ur kidneys, we all have enough problems no sense in addibg to it. Most people, Not All, will have the three tell tell signs of strep. 1: strawberry tongue, 2: white patch or patches on the back of ur throat and tonsils, 3: strep breath. That said often the worse sore throatsvare caused by viruses not strep. But u need to be sure it is not strep as it can spread and cause damage to some of ur organs and lets face it, we have enough to deal with, APS. I hope this helps. One thing I didn't mention is fever but fever can come with viral ir bacterial infection such as strep. Personally I prefer strep as antibiotics make u feel better in one or two days with viral u just have to treat symptoms and let it run its course. Play it safe and get the test.

Please let us know how it goes for you with your throat-issues . We learn also so much about APS from eachother.

Kerstin in Stockholm

I have an appt with my dr tomorrow morning as I can squeeze it in before my pre-work nap, I work the night shift on Wednesdays, tough going when the schedule moves around

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