Should I be worried ?

Hi all. Going to post this in the aps forum as well as lupus as it may apply to both.

I was diagnosed with APS about a year ago and lupus more recently. This morning I've woken up and I noticed my left calf was sore. When I got bout of bed and stood up, it feels like I've pulled a muscle in my left calf and I'm limping around the house. I'm concerned Becuase, I haven't done any strenuous activity or anything that would cause me to pull a muscle, unless I did it in my sleep which I'm doubtful of. When I sit down the pain doesn't nessecarily go away, i can feel it aching even when I'm not standing. Just wanted a bit of advice, I don't want to waste the Drs time if it turns out to be nothing so I'm a bit apprehensive to go down to the surgery. Has anyone who has had a blood clot before had similar symptoms? And is this enough to go to the gp with or should I wait and see if it goes away or gets any worse before I do decide to go to gp.

Thanks, hope everyone is well X

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  • Personally if I were me I would go straight to your GP or to the A&E to get a d-dimmer test. You cant ever not be too sure as this is a life threatening condition. No one is going to be cross with you for checking. If it was me it would be A&E! Please get it checked!

    Please let us know what they say. x

  • Thanks for the reply. I will go to the hospital if it gets any worse. X

  • Maybe I did something in my sleep then :-/ there's no redness or swelling so I guess I'll keep an eye on it and if it gets any worse I'll go to a and e.

    Thanks for response x

  • Your leg does NOT have to be hot and red if there is a DVT! MaryF

  • I will do, thanks again x

  • Please do go to the doc. One thing that worked for me to determine if it was a clot or not was to sit down in reclining position and extend your foot from the ankle up towards your knee if the pain is still there then I would directly go to get checked. I didn't have redness, warmth or swollen but this is what I did and it turned out to be 3 clots in my left calf. Thinking of you, let us know how you get along.


  • Hope you follow the advice of our Administrtor APsnotFab!

    At once to the A & E but i hope you have done it already as I write this.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockhlm

  • would go to accident and emergency asap no messing , you wont know if its a clot until you've had a blood test and possibly a small scan on the area, , not necessarily do you get swelling or heat from a clot could just be a small clot or there again it could be nothing at all but you must get it checked ASAP

  • I have only just seen this, you need to seek immediate medical help and be firm about your medical history. MaryF

  • I've often wondered, as I've sat agonizing over whether I could have a clot or not and whether I should go to the ER to be sure -- isn't the procedure to follow when getting a clot to be put on blood thinners? If you are already coagulated, what more would they do?

  • That is exactly how a blood clot feels. Is there aNY redness or swelling? Better safe than sorry. An ultra sound iis in order in my opinion

  • Thanks for all the replies guys. I haven't ended up going to the dr :-/ just Becuase the strained muscle feeling went away after about two days, there was no swelling or redness and I tried doing the test where you point your toes and there was no pain when I did that. Currently there is no pain at all in my leg now, so I'm assuming I must have somehow pulled a muscle. X

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