Should I get a second opinion?

I had been having pins and needles in my chest, arms and back on and off for about 4 days. Therefore I went to my local GP, he checked my pulse which was 115 ((after I got home it had gone down to about 80)) my oxygen and pressure was fine. I can lift both of my arms up totally fine, I can breathe fine. He told me that it was just my muscles playing up, I don't know If I should go back or have a second opinion or not. Can't help but worry.

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  • Hi, I would be concerned if my pulse was 115, i am surprised that he didn't do more tests. I would go back

  • Hi, Do you have a diagnosis of Hughes Syndrome/APS? If so who is looking after your care? MaryF

  • No I don't.

  • Ok, sorry you feel unwell but this is a forum specifically for Hughes Syndrome/APS. You certainly need to go back to the GP or hospital to help get to the bottom of your troubles, however I don't think we can help you any further, best of luck to you. MaryF

  • Hi. As my colleague Mary has asked you, do you have Hughes Syndrome/APS and, if so, who is managing your condition/care?


  • How is it diagnosed?

  • With various blood tests. You need to go back to your GP. If you do not know what Hughes Syndrome/APS is may I ask how you found this group and why you posted on it?


  • I think it might have came up when I was googling my Symptoms.

    I didn't know it was called Hughes Syndrome as well as Antiphospholipid syndrome.

  • Ok. that makes sense.

    Have you looked at the Hughes Syndrome Foundation website, which you can access by clicking on the HSF logo at the top right of this page. On there you will find a guide to the symptoms and also details of the blood tests that your GP should do, if you feel that your symptoms match those of Hughes/APS.


  • I have taken a look, thank you so much for the help. I think going back to my GP is best.

  • Please let us know if you are diagnosed with APS and we will be pleased to help you. Where are you from?


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