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Light at the end of the long tunnel

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Hi all .i pray that everyone is feeling well. i have not posted anything lately.. as i am still in hospital since the 30 of august. i am now looking down the long tunnel and i can see a light shine in .which has made me happy . but the doctors are having trouble getting my inr within my range of 3-4 .. i have been taking 10 mgs of warfarin a day now for 3weeks and my inr today is only 1.6 it keeps on dropping at a fast rate ..would it help if the doctors stopped my fondaparinux injections that i have twice a day of 7.5 mgs or should i try someother form of meds .. i have no pauses now in both of my legs.which are badly clotted. my ivc fitler is blocked with a mass of clots. which i am being refered to steve black at st thomas hospital were i see professor beverly hunt and my pes in my lungs have more damage to my body tissues..i am hoping to have my ivc filter removed soon .has anyone else had a ivc fiter removed ?????... all my best wish to all

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Hello you brave trooper, thank you for your update, I am so pleased you are being referred to Professor Hunt at St T's, they will help you a great deal I am sure, do keep checking in and have a bit of support of this forum whenever you feel like it. In the main time keep as well as possible, sending you very good wishes for recovery. MaryF

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Budleighgeorge in reply to MaryF

Thank you for your kind reply.. i wil keep all updated

Oh dear I hope you will get some help and advice from St T''s that will help you on the road to recovery. Thinking of you xx

Thank you x

So sorry you're going through all of this. Try to keep your spirits up, are you able to read, knit, journal, have friends and family come to visit you ... ? Wishing you all the best. Anita

Good luck. As you know, our thoughts are with you.


I wish u the best and hope that all will be well at the end keep a positive mind and u will be fine.

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