Re my bladder again

Hi all again ..i am still in hospital and my inr is 5.5 today which is well over my target of 4. I was alittle bit puzzled ..why the doctors have not given me any vitiam k meds which would help lower my inr to a safe level... i have tried to pass urine but with no luck.. so i have a catheter again i asked the doctor about being tested for transverse myelitis. and he said that was done on my first mri scan so we are still puzzled why i cant pass urine on my own am finding it hard to walk on an with my right leg and why my bowls are playing up ....

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  • HI, I notice this is your first post on here! Where are you located and do you have a Hughes Syndrome/APS specialist managing your care. MaryF

  • Hi i have posted on here before ... i live in surry and i do have aps . On off my many doctors is professor beverly hunt

  • I hope you are still under Professor B Hunt, as you probably need her back in the picture again with your current problems. MaryF

  • I have been at 5-6 inr sometimes but the clinic usually just ask me to stop for a day or so, or reduce the dose, so don't be worried. I do so hope that you get some answers soon. All the best

  • Thank you for your support x

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