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Aches and pains

Does anyone suffer with bad pains in arms , it can be lower arm or upper. Shoulder , don't know wether it's a side effect of APS or not keep thinking I'm going to have a heart attack I'm getting paranoid with this disease .

I am going to be a granny as well and really upset I won't be able to do the things a granny should 😥.Plus seeing neurologist on Thursday and he will divide if I can ever drive again 😬

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Hi, is is not unusual to have pains likes this, however what I will say is if your vitamin D is low this can cause pain like this, also B12 being low can also cause problems, please get checked along with your Iron, and the usual thing I raise is, low thyroid function, all of this can cause a problem, patients often get labelled with Fibro without any of the above tests being looked at! With my Thyroid, not just testing the unreliable TSH which is not detailed enough! I did a whole range of tests privately which showed up my very low Thyroid function. Sometime people respond and say the doctor has checked out their thyroid and everything is fine, but the TSH is the only one tha doctors test! Also some on Levo thyroxine are not converting it correctlly a D102 test shows those not converting the T4 - T3 MaryF


Yes aches, pains, in arms and shoulders. In addition to what has already been mentioned it is possible that carpal tunnel can cause some of the same things (arm pain) you're experiencing.

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Focus on being a Granny its such a wonderful " love" you will experience, there's no way to explain it. I'm a "Grandma Dot" 7 times, have APS still driving, cycling ,running, gardening, pilates etc etc I just go with how I'm feeling on a day to day basis, a "not so good" day I'll rest, if I have to or take things steady, when I'm feeling ok I'm back being active .This is "me" and suits me mentally . Try not to get upset you're not alone feeing aches and pains, I may be active but I can still be hurting


Hi, I know you told us you had INR going up and down and a lot of symptoms and had not found an APS-Specialist yet.

I can tell you that before I started Warfarin a Neurologist wanted to operate because I had carpal tunnel syndrom. When I started Warfarin and was enough and stable anticoagulated the carpal tunnel syndrom was gone.

Get a Specialist and do something about your anticoagulation and you will feel much better.

Kerstin in Stockholm


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