Body Aches~~ APS OR VIRUS???

Hi since Friday night my whole body from neck down is in spasms, including a headache at times! The spasms last 2-3 hours then disappear! The pain so bad I roll on bed and scream! I have an extremely high tolerance to pain and never even screamed wen in labor! This feel like labor pains all ove X10 without the benefit of a beautiful baby! I'm not sure if this is APS or Virus! They say the virus lasts only 24 hrs! I'm on 36 hours! It's Easter Sunday and can't get up to go to my sisters! Nanny 23! No fever no cold or runny nose! Just chill at times! I guess if it doesn't go away by tomorrow I'll call doc! Plus I've been going thru a personality change! I'm becoming mean and nasty! I've always been the caretaker and now I don't care like I did about others! Maybe because no one but 2 friends have offered to come make me a cup of tea! I have stopped taking phone calls and can't be bothered! I'm confused and have brain fog badly! Sometimes I have no memory of doing thing I know I did! I'm getting concerned! By the way there is no pain med that takes away these spasm pains! I wish I was going to my sisters today to c family! It's only time we all get to c each other and shall miss that!! My son will go for annual Easter Egg Hunt! My hubby just out of hospital will drive there! Pray all goes well! Thx

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  • I would phone your GP or NHS direct to ask them, what is your INR. I think I would want to see someone as soon as possible if I were you 

    Hope you feel better soon, but please phone a medical professional 

  • Thx for your reply! It's a holiday today! I will wait till tomorrow if I don't get worse! Thx for ur speedy reply! Have a great Easter today!!! Godspeed 

  • HI there you need a check up, with your main consultant.   MaryF

  • Hi Mary it 4:30am in USA! I've had bidyachessuch since Friday! Thought 24 hr virus going around! The pains come as if I'm in labor! They last for 2-3 hours! Sunday night they started at 11pm and keep progressing til now! My hubby just got out of hospital and still weak! I need go to hospital, but will have to wait to find someone to take me! I've been up all night! The pain seems more in lower back and both legs! Can u get a blood clot in lower back? I'm beyond pain! No pain killer works for me and that's never happened before! I just want this suffering to stop! It's time for the Good Lord to take me! I can't do this anymore the pain beyond even my imagination! I just wish I had someone who cud help me! I'm the caregiver and no one is around for me! It's most difficult wen there is not a soul who wil do what I've done for them! I must stop caring for others! It's difficult cuz it's who I am! This can't be a virus anymore! I just can't understand what cud be happening now? Thanks Mary! My headache coming bak too plus my neck! No fever so don't think it's meningitis? Hope u had nice holiday

  • Hello - I have APS as well as's where your autonomic nervous system does work properly.  Many diseases interfere with the function of the autonomic nervous system causing the dysautonomia.    Dysautonomia can be mild to severe.   Mine is severe and I can have all the symptoms you describe.  Here is a link with helpful info:

    I think dysautonomia is worth mentioning when you go to your doctor....and I agree with the others, you should.  

    Good luck.  And be gentle with yourself, pain and the unknown bring out the worst in us.  Being unkind is a symptom, it is not who you are.  You can learn to manage it.  

  • Thank u so much for the link! I looked it up and it says not only does dysautonomia go with APS, it also goes with Sojerns and RA/Rheumatoid Arthritis! I was recently DX'd with all 3 of them! Octobe 2015 for APS and February for other 2! I couldn't find the Symptoms! But it must be because with each autoimmune disease u have the symptoms must be different for each disease! The think I find so strange is I cud have the pain for 3 hours and then it disappears as fast as it came! Last night had it the most time and so severe no pain med worked at all and it lasted 6-8 hours! No sleep during that time! Today I'm just too week to do anything buy rest! I'm just wondering if that happens to you too where the symptoms just suddenly go away! Thank you so much for ur kind words! I'm not a mean person at all and lately I choose to stay away from those I love because a meanness comes out in me that's just totally not me! 

  • I'm wondering if there is something that is making your blood more sticky when you get that pain, like some food you have eaten. Also, I wonder if you switch to heperin for a while would your pain improve. Also, even though I don't know much about it, I am wondering about the possibility of CAPs. You have a high tolerance to pain, and that may be a bad thing. I think maybe you should even call an ambulance to get to the ER. If you are worrying about the cost, you can often explain that you can't afford to pay, and they will work with you. Considering the severity of your health problems, I don't think waiting around is such a good idea. Hope you get some help very soon.

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