APS, Menopause & getting relief

I know I cant have any HRT but just wondered if anyone can recommend any remedies that have helped them through it. What am finding most difficult is the sweating. Its not just night time its day time too and not always when am flushing either. Palms of me hands are sweaty as is my feet which is so annoying. Also starting to get a bit crabby more than I have been.

I take Vit B6 but dont think I am taking enough. Holland & Barrett sell 100mg tablets and my pharmacist recommended 20mg dose as highest I can take, but I knew you could take more so thats an option.

I cant take Oil of Eve Primrose because of my thyroid (which also means alot of other herbal and vit remedies too possibly.

Anyone got any recommendations of what else I might be able to try or at least research?

Thanks :) ( I am not on warfarin but Heparin)

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  • I was given a blood pressure medication (Clonodine), to help with the sweats. I had had a hysterectomy & was having to go 'cold turkey'! My blood pressure was always normal anyway & didnt effect it either. It helped but didnt stop them completly.

  • We get this question come up regularly so you may want to go to the search at the top and have a look through at previous posts on the subject plus you will see on the top left the new "related posts" feature which also lists posts along the same subject matter.

    I'm on heparin and had a total hysterectomy, been on a HRT patch for years with the blessing of all my Docs as they say while I'm on heparin I'm adequately medicated. That of course is my personal choice. You need to look into things further on that front. I would not go down the road of taking other supplements which may be contraindicated and make thins worse. I'd also get your thyroid checked properly as hormones affect this and sweating can be a sign that things are out. I've recently changed to a different thyroid med and had all sorts of issues including what you describe. So your thyroid can be upset by Changes in hormones and vice versa. You need in depth checking not just GP TSH.

  • My thyroid is fine.. was checked very recently and had a visit to the GP this morning who offered me Clonodine which I said I would think about as I dont like to start new drugs unless absolutely necessary.. going to go down the natural route for now and see how it goes.. ty all :)

  • Please make sure that any "natural" supplement that you take is approved by your Doctors first.


  • Will do... am very careful about what I take, prescribed or not :)

  • I have Thyroid problems, and don't rely on just the TSH test being the only angle tested with my Thyroid. I privately pay for more extensive tests which show everything, doctors often and usually only do the TSH which is not a true indicator of what is going on. MaryF

  • I take 2K mgs of vitamin D and I also found out the blood pressure medication, Clonidine helps with the hot fashes and sweating so my doctor switched me to that. I'm on a higher than usual dose but I take my blood pressure 4 to6 tines a day, if it goes below a certain threshold I must refrain from taking the clonidine. For some reason Prozac has helped me greatly. I also take a large dose of 80mg. Those are the only things that have helped me. Of course you must be closely monitored by your physician. I had a full hysterectomy after being diagnosed with Lupus SLE and Factor 5 Lieden. So HRT was out of the question. I hope you are able to get some relief. I know how awful it is to break out in a full body sweat while in a meeting or in public. I carry bandanas in my purse always to blot my face as well as baby wipes and deodorant. I feel for you and again I hope you find something that works for you. GOD BLESS.

  • I've been using serenity cream for the last 2 years and have been amazed by the results. My consultant recommended it as I was having really awful sweats, migraines and not sleeping well. This has stopped all of these. Hope that helps x

  • I also use this, I am not on Warfarin, but have used Serenity for years, and it does help. MaryF

  • Thank you all.. some really useful replies.. much appreciated.. will seek out this cream :) Is it chemist on the street or online? :)

  • It is on line, but do check with your consultant first, and for Thyroid issues join Thyroid UK on this platform, these are the tests I regularly do: thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin... I pay for them myself. MaryF

  • Thanks.. I am a member of there also.. sadly I dont have that option to pay.. infact prob dont have the option to buy the cream at that price.. :(

  • A pot lasts a long time, I do understand things are pricey, I feel very annoyed that I pay for nearly everything! MaryF

  • Re the Serenity Cream by Wellsprings . I read an article that these people use petro chemicals in their cream .. and Health Science are the ones who do not.. its got a little confusing to say the least..

  • I am currently using black cahosh from holland and barrett

    think its seven pounds

    Has reduced (but not stopped) my flushes

    Am sweating quite a lot , but, hey, we are actually getting a summer this year!

  • GP advised me to avoid that .. but ty )

  • I have been taking HRT for a while. Tried coming off it but completely lost my memory so my GP said go back on it and my APS consultant and gynae consultant said it is ok. I had an ablation and a mirena coil fitted for post-menopausal bleeding -coil releases progesterone and I use an oestrogen gel. (skin reaction to patches). I am on warfarin so well anticoagulated.

    My personal choice of course, but I wouldn't change my decision.

  • Maybe Paxil? Try searching it out. I am on warfarin and take this. See what you HCP thinks.. Let us know please

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