Hi all I am going to hospital to day for my pr operation then go in next week for 2 operations one on my right hand carpul tunnel just had my left one done 3 weeks ago and I am having my left frozen shoulder done at same time I am just a bit worried about coming home next day cos my husband will be back at work full time and can not have any more time off as he's been ill too I will have both hands strapped up I use a crutch in my right hand as I had a stroke last year left me with left side weakness but I will not be able to use it with having that done and will not be able to do anything at home I know I needed it all doing before I whent on Holliday at Xmas time need it all out of way so not sure how I am going to go on with stuff for a few weeks x

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  • That sounds a lot to cope with all at once. What are they doing with your shoulder?

  • Had a frozen shoulder over a year and it's not getting better so he's operation on it x

  • Sounds like you may need a lot of help, but you won't know until you've had the ops done. Hope you can get something sorted. Best of luck. x

  • I hope you get better and are fully sorted by Christmas, time to call in a few favours from friends, neighbours and relatives. Let us know how it goes. MaryF

  • Yes thanks all of them work but will try get some friends to call in on me thanks Mary x

  • Hi Lesley,

    Best of luck with the operations!! I will think of you and I cross my fingers and hope to hear from you soon again.

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Been to hospital to day and they was not happy that I may be on my own so they phoned gateway to care to get me some help for when I come out to come in 2 to 4 times a day depending on wot I am like after my operation so will let you all know

  • Good call by yor hospital! I did not know, but hoped that you were consulting with a team that offerred such home care. I was visited by a home care physical therapist after my hip replacement and those visits were very helpful for a fast recovery.

    Good luck!

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