Flexiseq Gel. Is it safe for us to use?

I have been recommended by friends to try Flexiseq Gel to rub on skin for joint pain & swelling. But I notice that the first ingredient listed is Phosphatidylcholine - a phospholipid. I don't understand the chemistry of such things but since we have antiphospholipid syndrome, I need to try & check it out. Don't want to risk my health, but really need something to help the pain and stiffness. Can anyone advise please?

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  • I have done some research which came up with this from the Arthritis Research UK. They don't mention Phospholipids. I would certainly check this out with your Dr.

    Im not promoting this salve, but my hubby has just had a knee replacement and doing his exercises has made his thigh muscles very sore. He has been using Neals Yard Arnica Salve which has helped him quite a lot and you can rub this into joints too providing there is no broken skin. His Physio also always uses Arnica when massaging too.


  • Thank you, I have some arnica and will try that first.

  • Yes I agree with the advice given above. MaryF

  • I use ibroprofen gel when desparate

  • Thank you for your suggestions.

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