What to take for joint pain?

Is anyone on here taking short courses of Prednisolone to alleviate joint pain? It's Winter here and I really notice the difference in my joints and hand. Can't take NSAID's as they may cause bleeding and don't want to up my stronger pain meds if I can avoid it. I was given Prednisolone (10mg ) to take for 3 days but I haven't actually taken any just yet. I don't want to introduce something new just yet if I can avoid it.

Latest bloods are back and CRP is up and Cardiolipin and Beta2 are both high @ >160 (ref range here for normal is <20) also platelets are high but ANA is down to 1:640.

I think I'm still positive for Hughes!!!

I don't want to hibernate but just feeling a bit fatigued and achy, which is probably because the inflammation markers are high.

Maybe I just needed a whinge :)

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  • Hi there. Prof Hughes has prescribed me a short course when I flare of 2.5mgs but I take 4 for three days so that is 10mgs, then 3 tablets for 3 days, then 2 for 3 days and finally 1 for 3 days. This is for a general flare not just for joint pain.

    If you have ongoing generalised muscle and joint pain have you talked to your Dr about Plaquenil? This would help eventually.

    Also Vit D would give you the same symptoms so have that tested and that too would help to reduce antibodies if you take a supplement if needed.

    Finally, are you on a GF diet? This will help to lower your inflammatory markers as Gluten is not good for us and it is advised we cut this out regardless of if we have a sensitivity or not.

    Hope you feel better soon. X

  • Thanks for your reply. My Vit D levels were tested recently and are well into range (we have sunshine most days and I try to get a walk in each day). I've had Plaquenil as a trial 400mg daily and while it didn't disagree with me, after 3months it didn't appear to make things any better or worse so I stopped it on Rheumy advice.

    I've also had courses of Prednisolone in the past when things were grim but hated the weight gain and moon face that goes with it. Started with 50mg and then weaned off with gradually decreasing doses. For this time I was prescribed 10mg for 3 days and then stop-no decreasing dose.

    The GF free diet is one I haven't tried as yet but many people on here have done so with some success so I will give it a try, even though I'm not gluten intolerant. Can't hurt to try. :)

    I've been lucky as we've had a longer Summer than usual and have felt pretty well up until the last few weeks. The cold weather sets off Reynauds in my right hand which doesn't help!

    Keep up the good work - I'm still finding out new stuff on here.

  • I hope you get some answers, however I will say that Plaquenil, although was awful for me, is great for my daughter but it is very slow to come up to speed in terms of what it does. Keep us posted. MaryF

  • Thanks Mary, that's why I persevered with Plaquenil for the full 3 months, knowing that it wasn't an instant fix. Today is cold and windy so I'm staying inside! I will veg out and read a book with my electric blanket on :)

    I've been told I can up my Nifedipine to 3x daily without dropping my blood pressure too drastically (I use it 2x daily ATM to dilate veins) and although no one has an explanation for only getting Raynauds in one hand I was worried I would lose another finger.

    I've been looking at my diet this morning and there are a few bits of gluten I can cut out here and there. I eat very little bread (1-2 slices per week) but I realise there are lots of little hidden bits in some foods!

  • Good for you, I have been gluten free a long time, anything that says, wheat , gluten or barley is out, I also use gluten free oats, best of luck. MaryF

  • I know my Physical Therapist has a machine w/ low level electric something....Alsothere are new non medication treatments for chronic pain


  • I'm not sure anyone is using this method where I live (Australia), but I'll have a little look. Thanks

  • This may be super simplistic, but I've had some (of course, not complete) success with Arnica Gel. It's topical, non-prescription and inexpensive. With all that we deal with, in my opinion, trying to feel "normal" again is, I think, an unrealistic goal. My goal is to knock the pain down to a low enough level such that I can get on with "things" and have an even-odds chance to ignore the pain. If this sounds reasonable to you, give it a try. Best of luck.

  • Take care if you use arnica. I have used it in moderation and it's great for me but it interacts with warferin if you use too much. I suggest you ask your doctor before using any amount or using it regularly. When I've used it, when I've had joint pain and swelling I've used my INR machine at home daily to be sure and only used it for 3 days.

  • Thanks so much, David. I was unaware of the possible interaction. Temperamentally, I only go to medications as a last resort--so just dumb luck that I didn't overdo it. My future use will be much more considered.

  • I'm not on Warfarin but I might check out interactions, thanks

  • I used Arnica a lot when my kids were little for bumps and bruises but hadn't thought of using it for me. Most days I feel 'normal' (my hubby will dispute this!) and I'll give it a try. This forum is a great help to think outside the square when my brain is a bit foggy.

  • Ever try Voltaren gel topical? I use it for some relief especially on my hands during an attack. Heck, sometimes when you hit a perfect area using fragmin injections and you get to enjoy the five minute sting/burn pain I will apply Voltaren to the skin and it helps within a minute reducing the amount of sting.

  • I have, but may as well use tap water for all the good it does me ;) My knees have settled down again so I still haven't used the Prednisolone. I will leave it for last resort!

    I've started my GF diet a coupe of days ago so it *might* have helped. Not sure how long you have to be on it before seeing results?

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