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This is my poem, in answer to the APS one. It is about TIA's (mini strokes)

It's happening again

I'm getting the pain

right over the top of my head

My eyes just won't focus

My head's in a spin

and even a noise is a terrible din

My left arm is shaking

I don't like the light

It happens so quickly

it gives me a fright

Pluto 5.

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Well done, I used to write poetry for other people, and as gifts for special occaisions. Since this wicked illness went to my brain. I have lost the words and ability to do so. Slightly envious of you. However your words are spot on. Sending you healthy thiughts.x


Thankyou happy feet for your message,which came as a surprise,and so soon!

Perhaps we could exchange poems sometime? I have written quite a few about different subjects. I can understand your loss of words. This happens to me quite frequently and it is most embarrassing. I can't find words and sometimes I can't say a sentence properly.

Is your problem from APS or have you had strokes? Strokes have played havoc with my brain in all areas. My APS (dare I say it) has been less traumatic over the last few years.


Great job on that ---- it's ever so true ---- :-) ---------------------- jet


Have I answered you? I thought I had..


Thanks Pluto, very true words and a great effort from you. xx


Thankyou for your kind words. I am glad you liked it.


Hi again, I had seven Tia's over the last year. I have lupus and aps along with a list of ither horribl additions. It has left me with eight large lesions on my brain, causing alsorts of problem. If u want to inbox me u r more than welcome. Keep writing. Best wishes.


Just lost my comments so here goes again. Your conditions sound like mine. I've had 7 strokes, 3 in ITU in one year, and countless TIA's. One yesterday when I almost toppled on to someone. The APS is no joke but has improved in the last few years.I have sleep apnoea and wear a mask at night. Plus osteoarthritis all over the place. Was told I have holes all over my brain which affects quite a few of my actions. We just have to cope with it don't we?

I wondered why you call yourself 'happy feet'? Do you like dance? I do, or did...

Yes, it would be nice to hear from you again.

Very best wishes to you..


It looks like 7 is a common number in APS related TIA's and strokes. happyfeet had 7 TIA's in a year, you had 7 strokes and numerous TIA's (I am wondering if they also number 7 a year). I have just worked out my last 10 years of TIA's and Strokes and funnily (NOT) it works out as many of those years I had 7 (on average some years there were more) TIA's and strokes each year. Having looked at mine more closely it seems they arrive about every 7 weeks.

From a survey I took 1 person in 7 with APS had a family history of Stroke (question included MI and Stroke, so not quite accurate, but using a little bit of accountants licence here). 1 in 7 people with APS had blood in their urine at some point. What is it with the number 7?


From what you say it is worth a thought! I am inclined to believe in the vulnerable parts of the body re: your horoscope sign.

It started with all the Sagg.people I heard about with (in their section) hip problems and operations. Then I went through my family. One Aquar. broke her leg in 3 places when her ANKLE gave way. Another daughter and myself have both had broken TOES-plus other accidents-we are Pisces. My son had a GROIN hernia- he is Libra/Oct. HUsband a Sagg. disabled from HIP..That is just in OUR family, so it makes me wonder, although I don;t see why it should be so?

It is often qupted that 7 is a lucky number...

Incidentally I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea in 199SEVEN!


7 is a prime number which is awkward to multiply and divide by. Everything related to APS must be difficult and awkward. If our symptoms could be grouped in 2s, or even 3s or 5s the multiplying and dividing and finding common deonominators would be easy. No, it has to be 7!

So sayeth the English major!


well done, great reading :)


Message received thanks! Keep well.


Cool another asp buddy who uses words to express feelings.


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