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Hi I haven't posted for sometime, but after 2 years and 3 strokes I am still not stabilised on Warfarin I'm either too high or too low and have to go in to hospital for vitamin K.

After an MDM today they have decided to try me with a NOAC named Dabigatran which I will need to take twice daily; I have been advised that if I miss a dose I will not be covered.

I would just like know if anyone else is taking this and other APS suffers opinions.



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HI there, lots of our members are on alternative anticoagulants, Warfarin clearly does not suit everybody, I hope the new regime goes well for you. MaryF

I am on Xarelto. The hospital put me on X as it's easier to manage but at the time they didn't know I had APS. I will be returning to the Rheumatlogist next month and hope I can stay on it. X is taken once a day and clears within 24 hours

Hi, I too am on a NOAC for my APS. Been on it for about a year now. Was put on it after 2nd episode of DVT/PE in October 2015. I have had no more clotting issues since then and I feel ok most of the days but still do suffer some flare ups of APS on occasion. I am on apixaban (Eliquis). I too could never regulate on Coumadin. Good luck with the new med and I hope things get better for you 😊

Thanks for your response, can you tell me what NOAC you are taking many thanks


Sorry I have just read your response and realised you had already. Told me.

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