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Me again, so what I thought were panic attacks were TIA's

After yesterday's call from Dr Robinson; my Haematologist at St T's it transpires I've been suffering recurrent TIA's. I'd assumed they were nasty panic attacks as i feel scared & so disorientated during their short spells. I wasn't bothered yesterday but today am feeling really panicky and frightened. My short term memory is appalling, i don't recall having written emails and texts and tweets just minutes after writing them for example. I don't even know what i meant to achieve writing this post now. Feeling scared.

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HI, I am glad you have got to the bottom of things with your consultant, have they discussed what needs to be done? If you need a phone call or appointment have somebody you trust with you to act as another pair of ears. MaryF


Dr Robinson said I'm to have my neck scanned as a follow up, she said they think the clot could be to do with my endocarditis, and want to confirm if iths clot was before or after my mitral valve surgery, they are deliberating how to proceed with my long term Anticoagulation plan, also they want to get to the bottom of my kidney issues. I'm feeling totally overwhelmed and my s/t memory seems that be getting worse and worse which is really worrying me.


It sounds to me as if you are really having some detailed input which will probably end up with a decent care plan, and make you feel a bit better, do keep us posted. MaryF


as I've posted here before, I was dismissing my panic attacks as just that – something psychological and not biological. But turns out, MRIs revealed that my panic attacks had actually been mini strokes. interesting to read that someone else had percieved mini strokes as panic attacks!


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I've had a brain nri before and it came up clear. I get panic attacks all the time out of nowhere and get treated mentally for them. But other things have happened, confusion, I have bad short term memory loss, and I tell my wife all the time that I swear I've had strokes before. I get lightning in my eyes often. I get alot of tension headaches, the start in my neck and move up into my head, like a hand was was there spreading like fingers. Could I get strokes without showing ono an mri?


Yes we can easily get TIAs or mini-strokes and those micro-embolies or clots are not always seen on an MRI.

I have LA like you and it is important to keep an INR steady and rather high. Most of us on Warfarin feel best on an INR around 3.5. Then your symptoms get much much better.

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