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Antiphospholopid sydrome and short cervix

Hello all. I have resorted to this forum as i dont know anyone who is having the same trouble as i am. I have antiphospholopid sydrome and am 25 weeks pregnant. I also have a shortened cervix. I am on clexane injections 40mg once daily and also asprin. The main reason i am writing is because i am truely terrified that something is going to go wrong. Can anyone tell me their experiences to ease my mind. The further along in my pregnancy i get, the more scared i am becoming. I am still working full time also. Argh. Any words would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Hello and congratulations on your news!  Firstly are you under one of our recommended specialists or teams, let us know where you are located.  Also this is the right place to seek support, many have been through this process or are doing so now!   Best wishes to you.     MaryF


I am under the constant supervision of my local hospital antenatal team at the stage in australia. I really hope that everything will be ok. I know this stress cant be helping either 


I am glad they are managing you on the correct medication, but do talk to them if you feel stressed, they will understand!    MaryF


Hi and welcome.

I second what my colleague, Mary, has already said.

Good news and best wishes.



Whereabouts in Oz are you?  I'm finding more and more doctors are aware of APS over here and you seem to be on the right treatment.  Good luck with your pregnancy.


I also had a shortening cervix in my pregnancy which resulted in my daughter. I was monitored as I had some pre cancerous cells removed before getting pregnant and this was always going to be another worry. At 16 weeks it was only 25mm and it seemed to be shortening 1-2mm per week so they put a stitch in at 19 weeks. It was very scary as I had to stop fragmin for 48 hours for them to do the surgery but it was fine. I then went on modified bed rest which bad islet means that you have 4 - 6 hours out of bed per day. I was lucky I could work from home before having the stitch removed at 36 weeks and induced at 38. It is terrifying to have something else to worry about. A short cervix isn't something to worry about it is only a worry if it is getting shorter. Are you having regular internal scans?  Xx


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