I was diagnosed with aps 6 years ago through my miscarriage clinic following miscarriage and a still birth. I was told treatment of aspirin and fragmin injections during pregnancy and after c section. I was not referred anywhere else and no other treatment since then. Is this the correct procedure?? I have cosmetic surgery booked for April but now since speaking with my sugeon I realise that maybe I should have this looked into before surgery.

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  • HI you do need to talk to you GP, and seek some advice, are you not even on Aspirin?  If in the UK we do have a list of recommended specialists.  MaryF

  • Hi thankyou for your reply. Yes I am in the uk (liverpool). I was not told to take aspirin should I buy this myself until i am seen.  I did ask my cosultant at the miscarriage clinic if I needed to do anything else and was told no. I just assumed that it was only an issue for me when pregnant and only looked into the treatment of aps during pregnancy. Silly I know but I was finding things difficult at the time and was so focused on having a healthy baby.  It's only since speaking with a cosmetic surgeon that I realised maybe I should have been referred on.

  • i was also diagnosed through the miscarriage clinic at the liverpool womens only 2 months ago, i was told i would need asprin and heprin when i get pregnant again but was not referred to anyone else and was not given any treatment plan in the mean time, i have also been thinking the same as you regarding a specialist etc.

  • So not much has change from 6 years ago!! I wonder why this is? They do have a specialist at the women's who started after I was initially diagnosed. On the plus side though the treatment worked for us!! After years of heartache we have had three healthy babies and no more miscarriages. They are a wonderful team and hope you have the same success as us!!

  • thats wonderful to hear hibble im so happy for you and thank you for your encouraging words hun x

  • Please talk to your GP about Aspirin, obviously we can't advise doing this, as we are not medically trained, although many of us have alongside to getting help been taking 75 mg of Aspirin on a full stomach.  All medication has to be reviewed prior to any operation, and really you need your GP to refer you to a consultant off the recommended list:  Your GP and any consultant will need to discuss any medication with you, including Aspirin, best to get reviewed. Write your medical history out in bullet points and ring up the cosmetic surgeon and see your GP.  Taking any medication including Aspirin prior to surgery has to be urgently reviewed.  It is sensible that you are considering seeking the right advice before going ahead with anything.

    Some people have their worst symptoms during pregnancy, I did, however now during middle age things have revved up a bit.  It really is best for you and your GP to have the right guidance.  Also make sure that the surgeon understands you full medical history with a view to your up and coming procedure. 


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