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Well that went well..... Not!

Quick review:

Up for emergency op on New Years Eve and being Bridged last Warfarin Wednesday night when machine INR was 2.5 Test booked for today on ward to start Heparin

So I walked onto ward about 9.30 and nurse looked at me like what you want so told her my name and was here for a test she ushered me through to another Patient and said she us here!!!!!!! I said no you misunderstood and quickly walked back out trying to explain again I am here for a blood test can even see my name on the board

Senior nurse says yes he's in for test take some blood so I get ushered off to empty part and sat

I offer the left arm as they took from right other day and she spent 5 minutes pokin the nedle about to no avail and goes in for the right takes one sample

Doc walks by and sort of looks at me through the window...

Sen or nurse says Wil be back in a mo and comes back with Hep stabs asking if I knew how to do.... as if!... I had 3 left from last INR tumble and said are these ok then realised what I had been given EVERY time before we're DOUBLE the strength of what they were giving me now .... I wasn't happy and questioned it. After sort of arguing that is what I have been given and take it I said I wanted to check to be sure .... it's sort of important for us eh..... off she goes to doc again .. who couldn't be arsed to come see me myself it felt like! Comes back and says take yours it will be checked Tuesday

It gets better!!!!

So just as I about to go nurse 1 comes back to say she should have taken more blood!!!!! So in she goes AGAIN

Finally off I trot to await a call with results and do I stab or not...


Just before 1 as our house is filling with family I get a call....

NOT ENOUGH BLOOD IN THE VIAL what do I want to do....

Well I want to know what my bloody blood is! I feel awful all the symptoms in full flow and I cropping myself as no warfarin for over 64 hrs

So here I am... sat waiting in the hospital stab in me notes ready....

I am just a little nervous!

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This sounds awful, you must make a complaint about how you were treated.

When I had heart surgery I was told to stop Warfarin and start Fragmin the same day, no INR test. To wait until your IMR drops dramatically leaves you at risk of clotting etc.



Thank you Dave I intend to I know it's Boxing Day but really..... Started to wonder where the cameras were for some new wind up TV program


INR was 1.5 so no wonder I was feeling so crappy going to have a lil kick up on Tuesday


Jot down some bullet points as reminders and put it in writing how badly you felt about all this, best of luck. MaryF


No one should ever be treated as such. I agree with MaryF, write yourself some notes before you forget. Don't stop until you are satisfied, go to the top if you have too.


You went to Franz Kafka's hospital. right?

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